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What do you guys think ?

What do you guys think ?

So it was brought to my attention that working to get rid of my curve might NOT work because my penis goes back to its normal position after working it.They said my penis would just heal in the same way its curved.

This is NOT good , if it is in fact true.My penis doesn’t have any curve in its flaccid state.

I don’t know what to do , any ideas ?

Try wearing an ADS for several hours after your workout. I think it may keep the shorter side (the inner side of the curve) in an elongated state. Just my thought though, hopefully others will weigh in.

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Death is real, it comes without warning and it cannot be escaped, therefore, Penis Enlargement

Is that something I could wear under my cloths ?

NO! Unless you don’t mind people noticing it of course…

That’s what I was afraid of.Right now I do my routine before I shower,before going to work.I almost wish I could switch to an evening routine,, but if I’m with my gf I’m more than likely going to have sex so……..

Try side blasters, favoring one side over the other. I don’t have a significant curve (except upwards) but when doing side blasters or similar exercises, if I don’t do them evenly I see a bit of a list afterwards.

I’m still trying to figure out how to reduce my upward curve, it’s a bit more complicated than the side to side.

What he ^ said may work, jelq against the curve. If a penis can be made longer and bigger a curve can be straightened out.

Good point bigee ! , one I’m hoping is VERY true.I don’t know what side blasters are, but going by the name I don’t think its what I need.

My curve isn’t right or left, its downward,starting kinda in the middle.I its hard to jelq against it, but I do the best I can and stretch against it in my routine.

I kinda like the idea of keeping it a little stretched against the curve, after my work out, but I havnt figured it out yet.

I think many have had success straightening a curve using pumping. Search a little about it and you can find some success stories. Maybe if you don’t find success with these other methods you can invest down the road.

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Death is real, it comes without warning and it cannot be escaped, therefore, Penis Enlargement

I think you should use a fulcrum to stretch the exact point.

Use a dowel or a broom handle/drum stick, I use a golf weight. Manually stretch your penis upward with the fulcrum set on the top at the point where you bend.
go slow and stretch flaccid. Increase over time and I think it’ll help straighten things out.

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Tootyfisty , I just don’t see how a pump tube will do anything ?.My curve straitens out with next to no effort, and doesn’t feel like I’m forceing any stretch to do it,, BUT maybe it would cause some kind of stretching in the curved area , I’m not against giving it a try one of these days, if all else fails.

Flak2187 ,, your idea does sound good ,, and don’t you think after doing that it would be good to keep my penis a little stretched against the curve ?

Thanks for you suggestions guys !!

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