What do you guys think of my routine

Hello I’ve been PEing for about 5 months now and have some gains 1/4” in EL and 1/8” EG, my goal is mainly to get girth up I started with 5” EL and 4” EG.

Here’s my routine thus far: (I started out with the newbie routine and changed it a bit)
5 min hot sock
6 min stretching
2 sets of 80 jelqs equivalent to 8 min (this takes me about 20 to do)
Jelq squeezes 30 reps (each rep is about 5 jelq strokes, takes me 30-40 min)
5 min hot sock
50+ kegels

I plan to incorporate some JAI stretching before the last hot sock, but other than that I’m not quite sure if there are some things I should change or not. What do you guys think?