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What do you guys think is the right amount of pressure?

What do you guys think is the right amount of pressure?

So basically I’m wondering how much pressure to apply when jelqing. The guy on the demonstration video looks like he is trying to rip his dick off. I have been injured before by using FAR less pressure than this dude. Any thoughts.

How can anyone really answer that question? The right pressure for you is the one that doesn’t cause injury but still produces gains, where that is you just have to find out for your self.

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Scipio81, quest for girth

I’ve read that it should be slightly stronger than a masturbatory grip. Enough to cause swelling in the glans as you jelq; not a Darth Vader Deathgrip.

In my opinion wet jelqs should be the starting point for any newcomer to our wonderful activity.

The amount of pressure I use when jelqing, regardless of it being wet or not, is just the right amount to engorge my glans a little bit more then it is at 80% erection. In visual terms, I use enough pressure to make my glans look like it does when I am almost fully erect.

I find this to be the right amount of stretch vs pressure ratio for me. I still do this even though my penis is well conditioned.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

@Scipio81 With all due respect, I’m simply asking to see what most people find comfortable. Obviously everyone will have to find their own groove. If you don’t want to contribute to this thread then you don’t have to.

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Thanks Thatcat and viperkp, that is exactly the type of response I’m looking for.

Hey Bill,

In terms of the tutorial videos, I also noticed that he exerts quite a bit of strength when completing his jelqs, but I think it’s probably because he’s already conditioned his penis to take that workload. For those of us starting our PE journey, we should start light and work our way to harder grips.

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