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What do you guys think about this? (Girth workout)

What do you guys think about this? (Girth workout)

I stumbled upon this when searching the ‘ultimate girth’ exercises with Google. This guy claims that he’s “cracked” the Shane Diesel’s and Shorty Mac’s secret behind the freakish girth.

I know that the original post goes back to year 2003 so over a decade old, but have to admit it is thought-provoking. There’s “recent” updates from year 2009 and 2012 including pictures.

What do you guys think? Could it work? Even better than clamping?

(I hope we’re allowed to link to other PE related sites, sorry if this is against the rules.)


Edit: It seems the thread is still somewhat alive. I think I have to read it through when I’ve got time to do it.

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Ultimate Goal ---------------: BPEL: 8.50" MEG: 5.50"

They’re extreme uli’s, right, with a flat thing in place of a cable clamp? Tag on a porn star name and profit. Probably as dangerous.

Extreme Uli Video

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Any time you use a clamp you must be extremely cautious when doing any other sort of manipulation. Clamping causes extreme pressure inside the penis at high erection levels. I would not recommend this to anyone who has not already been doing PE for a long time and has not been able to gain girth through any of the other many methods of PE.

The only Girth work I do while clamped is with the clamp all the way out only one click and with only 40-50% erect max. So the clamp really just acts like my other hand for uli and slinky type exercises.

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