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What do you do while you jelq

What do you do while you jelq

With stretching/hanging, you can surf the web or watch TV, but with jelqing I don’t feel like I can do anything other than look at porn, or else my penis will become too soft/unaroused. Do you guys pretty much just focus on nothing but jelqing for a half hour? I guess I need to stop getting bored so easily. Thanks.

Hey, I just half watch a show on my computer. One that I have already seen. I use the length of whatever it is I’m watching to time my jelq session. Hope this helps with the boredom.

If you are married or hv a gf, then let her accompany you, you won’t need porn anymore, and you will enjoy jelq for wife is laying beside me and watching me

Watch South Park

Originally Posted by Aim-High Willis

Watch South Park

You seriously think watching South Park will give you adequate erection strength for a good jelq? Lol

Originally Posted by Aim-High Willis
Watch South Park

I have done that successfully, yes.


One of the things you should realise is that many guys experience the exact opposite, they get a to high erection for jelqing. So they need as much distraction as they can get. So spending their time jelqing while watching TV, browsing the Internet or reading a book is a good idea. But Aim-high should also realise that this isn’t the solution to your problem.

For you I would advice to watch some porn. Also try doing some kegels to get your erection level up.

Bird is right, I get to an erection level that is too high to safely jelq, especially because I gun for length rather than width.

Watching something that has nothing to do with sex gives me something to concentrate on other than jelqing, which keeps me at a decent level.

It doesn’t HAVE to be South Park, it could be the Lunchtime News for all I care.

Which’s the best rutine to enlarge my penis?

Originally Posted by raul21
Which’s the best rutine to enlarge my penis?

The newbie routine for the upcoming 3 months raul. After that give this thread a bump.

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