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What do you do post-workout??


Massage, warm shower, do some kegels.

When I get the chance I get aroused to get my penis filled with fresh blood and keep it extended and expanded. I love going to bed with a boner afterwards I feel I really helps the healing process, lately I haven’t been able to do this because I am more sexual active, but I sure miss it!

Massage with cocoa butter, wax type not cream. Seems to help with discolouration.

As far as porn goes ive got a good routine i thought id share. Because the stretching and pulling you do when PE’ing you need something to help keep it up (I DO anyway).

I have a folder that i have made up over the years of hot naked women “soft porn”. NO sex just a shit load of jpeg images with the occasional giant dick insert sex shot. For motivational purposes only. I have my computer cycling through the pictures for me. ( my hands are Vaselined up pretty good)

For me I only feel bad about porn if its hard porn. Looking at naked women doesnt make me feel like a pervert (even though i am) *semi joke*


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