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What do Jewish guys can do



Everything you say is true, I just have a fear of sharp objects going towards my unit. Not saying you shouldn’t, just wondering if you have done a serious web crawl on the topic as both pro’s and con’s exist.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by bombazine
I’m uncut it makes wearing condoms a hassle as they move back and forth too much. Next month I will probably have the chop (including frenulum). I going to have it done “US style” (90% inner foreskin removed) So I will have to take a few weeks off from PE. :(

I was cut last August just before my 20th birthday. I had no medical reason to, it’s just a preference I’ve had for a long time.

It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever done (more so than broken bones, my PA piercing, nipple piercings etc), but it was well worth it. Sex and jerking off feel better (the painful sensitivity has gone, but now it’s replaced by a “deeper” sensation that I love); it’s also cleaner, and I personally prefer the aesthetics.

Make sure you check out your surgeon, and be sure to specify exactly what you want.

I’ll probably have a revision done in a year or so - I opted to have most of my “inner” foreskin left intact. I also didn’t remove the sutures when I should, and was left with little stitch tunnels. I’ll probably have my frenum removed too, but I’m still not completely sure about that - I’ve never had any problems with it.

The other advantage to getting cut is that if you’re flying, you can tell them at checkin you’ve recently had surgery; you’ll get an exit row if you’re in cattle class (read: more legroom for free). They’ll probably ask if you’re medically fit to fly, and where you’ve had surgery. I just smiled and looked down, and giggled a little bit when I was asked if was “on my leg”. I love American Airlines.

Good luck, go for it, and bear in mind that I have a low pain threshold, so I’m not surprised it hurt like hell for a while. But it’s worth it.



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