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What do Girls look for in a Penis


What do Girls look for in a Penis

Being a very shy person, I still do not have a girlfriend. This thread is to get feedback from those with wives and girlfriends.

I am curious in knowing apart from length and girth, will girls also be attracted to other aspects of the penis’ physical appearance such as:
- Shape
- Colour
- Texture
- Glans-shaft proportion and general balance
- Erection hardness and angle?

Or perhaps they are only interested in the functional aspect rather the structural aspect, that is, how well the penis does it’s job in eliciting their orgasms?

I will post my pre-PE newbies pics after I have taken it with my camera.

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They are looking for a large bank account.

There looking guys with big hands and feet first THEN the big bank account.

Hello losthorizon

I don’t know about the other qualities but my wife tells me she likes a super-hard erection. She is more keen on girth than length.
I might ask her what she thinks about the other things, but she will probably just say ‘like yours’!

More importantly, get started with the PE and start finding out for yourself!

Good luck ‘insert thumbs up smiley’



Originally Posted by gprent
They are looking for a large bank account.

Your penis has a bank account?

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

It probably depends on the girl.

For example, when it comes to a woman’s breasts, bigger isn’t always better. I’ll take some nicely shaped, cute smaller ones over big, sloppy boobs any day of the week. But then…..some guys would rather have the big ones.

Girls don’t really know what they want. Not really. In a way, guys are clueless also.

For example, if I ask you what you’re looking for in a girl, the answer may change day to day, or it may get updated or altered from experience. And then again, when you meet a nice girl who digs you, your initial guesses may change altogether!

Different girls like different things. Usually, if they love the guy they will love his cock. It’s extremely difficult to categorise most qualities except for to say they don’t want it too small or too big, or majorly disfigured in any way. That’s about as accurate a description you’ll get.

horizon; Is the reason you do not have a girlfriend because you are shy in general, or shy about the penis?

I think mainly its hardness. It could look like a shrivelled up cod fish, but if it’s hard then it’s usefull.


D-slut, I am not very good at socializing. Perhaps this is due to my low self-esteem.

I am shy in general; of course I am also shy in exposing myself.
However, I won’t reject to the thought of flaunting it in a nudist beach if I have a giant apparatus.

I started this thread merely out of curiosity, with focus on the penis alone since this a PE forum.

Personally, I feel that girls place more emphasis on other qualities rather than physical ones and they will accept you for what you are if they love you.

True, true. But you said you were shy, and I was pondering if this is the reason why you have not had a girlfriend yet. You seem to have a good attitude.

Some girls place more emphasis on other qualities, some only focus on the physical ones. The latter don’t really seem to last as in most cases the relationship is based on lust, not love.

True this is a PE forum, but read any thread. We go off and on topic like crazy, but it’s all good!


My experience as an avid fucker of women who also works with them, talks a lot of shit with them, and who isn’t really afraid to ask them about what they want tells me, overwhelmingly, that most women dig a big, hard, dick on a fit guy. Whether it’s 7,8,9, or even 10” inches seems to mean less than that it just has a commanding, fit to fuck, and a *slightly* intimidating look to it. It doesn’t have to be porn dick neccessarily, but it’s got to be able to churn the juices nicely and not look like a kids dick that stopped growing along the way.

Around 6 or 6 and a half inches, veins popping and rock hard ready, isn’t neccessarily something most chicks with experience will be dissappointed with, but if you’re lame with those six inches size might come up.

Below 6” and it’s doubtful to impress (from an entirely DICK level that is) with it’s size unless you’re a cock master who can really control his shit.

Practically every woman I’ve ever asked admitted that a big dick was hot and that they prefferred it if given a straight up choice.

I’d estimate the size of my survey at this point to be around three hundred and fifty chicks. Of those, I’d say 85 percent or so refference their “ideal dick” as something with a “nice size” (one of their favorite ellusive terms on the subject). If they look at it and it “looks big” they seem to likee.

You’ve asked three hundred and fifty women about their dick size preference!

Just curious, how many of those women are women you haven’t had sex with? A woman isn’t going to tell a guy with a big dick that she doesn’t like big dicks.

I’m not saying I don’t believe you, I just find it very surprising, given women in general talking about the topic. Were these women unusual in some way, united by some common bond? It’s just outside the norm. Especially a preference for a nine-inch dick, Christ! The only woman I’ve heard talking about that sort of standard was a very overweight 35-year-old black woman.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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LostHorizon I am the same way. Pretty shy and not great at the social aspect. It takes me a long time to get comfortable and really open up with people. Thats pry why I haven’t had a girlfriend and am still a virgin. I am doing this whole PE thing to help my self confidence.hopefully it will work

My Goal...To Look good NAKED

horizon, so you want a gf.
You may have a pornstar dick, then what will you do? Show it to girls?

I mean, you don’t need super dick to get a gf. Maybe you’re concentrating on the wrong thing.

But these are my ideas so nevermind me. You ‘ll know better for yourself.

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

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