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What do Girls look for in a Penis


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<<<*I interviewed a 31 year old female heroin addict hooker carrying a Hello Kitty lunch pail for my survey*>>>>

this is some truly funny shit!!!!

All this psychotherapy aside, I think the original question is really interesting. But there haven’t been any answers to it. Aside from length and girth, what does make for a “great cock”? Strong erections, without a doubt. Long-lasting erections, absolutely. Some women seem to like large heads, but I wonder how common a preference this is. What else? Is there a particular bend that women tend to prefer? A particular color? What?

Motivated, I agree, strong & long-lasting erections are what matter. There are all sorts of other things where you’ll find preferences, but not consistent preferences. (Some prefer big heads, some don’t; some prefer upward curves, some dont…)

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
There are all sorts of other things where you’ll find preferences, but not consistent preferences. (Some prefer big heads, some don’t; some prefer upward curves, some dont…)

Yea, this makes sense. I guess everything else is going to be detail or fetish.

wantsmore—you are the first person convincing me. Women are honest with their hairdresser.

Although, I think I’ve mentioned before that women’s perception of dick size is very flexible. “Big” for a woman is “big enough for me.” I think it’s a lot like men’s definition of “pretty,” and has a lot to do with the man’s perception of the woman’s personality. A man who ends up loathing a woman is much more likely to say she’s an ugly bitch, even if he thought her pretty before, so there’s a psychological element involved. In just the same way women seem a lot prettier to men when the men are madly in love, a man’s cock seems a lot bigger to women when the women are madly in love. If that makes any sense.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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zaneblue: thanks for clarifying the subtext that I was shooting for when I said,

<<<85 percent or so refference their “ideal dick” as something with a “nice size” (one of their favorite ellusive terms on the subject). If they look at it and it “looks big” they seem to likee.>>>

You clarify this perfectly when you talk about how a cock may *appear* larger when a woman is highly enamoured with the man who is wearing it. I’ve even noted that first hand with lovers of my own. There’s certainly a hell of a lot more relativity on the subject of actual length from the women’s perspective than there is from the men’s- after all, we’re only a ruler away from the cold, hard fact.

Nice points. I agree completely.

I had a friend who told me she was built like a barn. Very shallow — 5” and he’d be hitting bottom, and very loose.

She said her perfect guy (penis-wise) would have to be built like a tuna can… Very short, but very wide.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Originally Posted by dowman5
I’m shy and introverted as well, but PE isn’t going to fix that. Pre-PE and post-PE, I’ll probably still be this shy. Getting a big dick’s is hardly going to change that (unless it really bothers you having a tiny dick and you stay away from women because of it). You’re going to have to get more social. And yes, I see the irony in my advice…

There are only a few girls I can talk to that I can truly trust, and they’re the only ones who I can talk honestly to (unfortunately, one’s a lesbian and another’s disinterested in me), so it’s why I have a tough time being sexually open to some girls.

I notice that some people think that introversion is somewhat of a penalty. Introversion is a GREAT thing. It describes the personality of people who are better with one-on-one time, or more intimate in their relationships. It doesn’t make you “antisocial” or “unconfident.” Anti-socialism and confidence are something else entirely. I notice that introverted people use values like TRUST to explain why it takes longer to find someone they are interested in than someone who is more extroverted and outgoing. This is ALSO a GOOD THING. You see, introverted people aren’t lacking at all. They just want to be sure that they are getting a good thing before they buy. Extroverts are just less careful and get what they want sooner, but less than ideal, seriously.

It really is a give-and-take on both sides of the issue. Extroverts get LESS than what they want SOONER, and introverts get MORE of what they want LATER.

I don’t think that introverts should beat themselves over the head for being shy, its not a bad thing. Extroverts and introverts on this planet are in about 50:50 ratio. There is nothing wrong with introversion; introverts just need to understand that PATIENCE will balance themselves out.

Starting Stats: 6" bpel x 5.5" eg Current Stats (2nd length goal MET!): 7.0" bpel x 5.5" eg 2nd Goal: 7.5" bpel x 5.75" eg BIG Goal: 8.0" bpel x 6.5" eg

This is a penis website, so the majority of talk in this arena is about Mr. Winkie. But in the outside world, away from this obsessive “I need a bigger cock” thinking, I think women are a little more realistic. Sure, I bet any woman would like to have an 8 or nine inch cock to play with, but you’d also like to have some big titties in your face, a nice ass, legs, etc to keep you occupied as well. The fact is, perfection is not out there. You don’t need a huge unit to keep a woman, b/c a woman needs special attention more than size.

Spend a little extra time making her feel good about herself and then she will be primed and lubed up for you. Then, you can throw down even a small cock on her and when she comes, you’d think you bore her out with a twelve incher. She’ll come back for more, and the more she comes back, the more she will start wiggling to fit you and then you both blow each other’s tops. Now that’s good stuff, whether you have a smurf or a snake.


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