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What do Girls look for in a Penis

The right kind of friction.



women love a large girth which I have! They salivate over it. But it takes more than that to get a gf. Just don’t force the issue. I’ll happen once you let it.

Originally Posted by zaneblue
Especially a preference for a nine-inch dick, Christ! The only woman I’ve heard talking about that sort of standard was a very overweight 35-year-old black woman.

Out of curiosity, does her preference for 9” have anything to do with her specifics of being 35, overweight and black? Not trying to be a wiseguy, just wondering since those specifics were detailed.

And if you would indulge with an answer, please be free to be as politically incorrect as is necessary to answer with clarity. And please understand that I am not tying to be a (fill in the blank) with the question. Just curious given the statement, that’s all.


Do the PE, but for your confidence and self steem. Then try to socialize with girls in other ways, not only thinking in sex. Go to dance, invite someone to movies and so many other places. Just try to be social. Any help, here to help ok

A lot of women don’t think about dick size at all. Work on other aspects of your appeal. Learn to value yourself, and others will value you as well.

I knew a very hot woman in college. She was very fit and cute, and totally lovable. I always thought she would reject me for not having a big cock. She got involved with a very nice, extremely smart and handsome guy, whom, I figured, must have had a big dick. He eventually dumped her, which caused her great anguish. Much later I saw him naked in a campus locker room. I was shocked. The guy was small. Not an acorn, but probably around 4-5” hard. Neverthless, he was extremely confident and made no effort to hide his modest proportions.

I had an inch or two on this guy, who had and then threw away the girl that I thought wouldn’t want me because of my average dick. That taught me a lesson.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

It must do his job.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Much later I saw him naked in a campus locker room. I was shocked. The guy was small. Not an acorn, but probably around 4-5” hard.

Hard? Hmmm interesting locker room


A girl looks for a penis that works attached to a cool dude that she can appreciate. What defibnes cool and appreciate is up to you.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

True, unless your meeting women at fucked up sex parties, they are only going to see your cock, when it’s time for the sex.

I mean, I don’t personally know anyone who has gotten a girls phone number from unzipping their pants and waving their cock at them, saying “look what I got, I know you want it inside you- lets make out, touch it ohh”

Even if the sex comes on the first date, the penis doesn’t get revealed till sex time. And if that stage comes and she isn’t that happy with it too bad, what’s she going to do? Walk out? I don’t think so! You get your sex that night, and if she has a problem with it later on well she can fuck off.

The only way to build up confidence around girls is to start going out with them and doing stuff. If your worried about being embarrasses (which is the case with most people who can’t muster up the courage) just don’t be.

Life’s short, start getting your dick wet man!


Ok losthorizon I feel for you man being shy around the women sucks. I have friends who can flirt and touch the girls whenever they want and they talk dirty to them all the time. But I feel that if I tried that they would take offence somehow and totally not like it, it’s all about confidence but knowing the right thing to say and do can be really hard. I think some guys have it naturally and some guys really have to work hard at it. I’m in the latter and it really pisses me off. The amount of times something could have happened with the chicks and because I’ve said the wrong thing or not said enough at all to keep them interested I’ve totally missed out on a good chance. I would suggest a good book for you but you may want to become comfortable with your penis size first (I have really struggled with this as I think now that my penis is average 6” ELBP) but to me this still seems small and it is still small in my eyes. I’ve totally wandered off point, the book is sorry guys I cannot figure out how to attach this as a link maybe someone else can who knows how to but the site is

It costs quite a lot about $40 but if it really is as good as it says I think it is worth a try
PS I’m going to buy it but my credit card won’t work because it’s not compatible so I need to ask someone else and I really don’t know how to explain why. I’m not trying to sell anything here! Before anyone accuses me of selling something, only trying to help that’s all.

Zaneblue: Even as I posted I felt a query from you was *inevitable*. ;-)

<<<Just curious, how many of those women are women you haven’t had sex with?>>>

Most of them. I’m a hairdresser so “girl talk” and just how closely it can resemble “guy talk” never ceases to amaze me. And actually, after posting the (rather arbitrary) 350 number, I immediately regretted making it that low. I’m sure I’ve had well over five hundred females either openly profess to liking “big dick” or who have demurred an open confession by insinuating much the same thing with a wink, a sly smile, or an otherwise sexually alluring gaze. I’ve probably had at least fifty clients in my chair bitch openly about some guys “little dick”. In some cases the little dick was a deal breaker (size queen) and for others it was more of a “last straw”, something that could’ve been *tolerated* if it weren’t for the guy being a drunkard, abusive, an asshole, etc…

<<<I’m not saying I don’t believe you, I just find it very surprising, given women in general talking about the topic. Were these women unusual in some way, united by some common bond? It’s just outside the norm. Especially a preference for a nine-inch dick…>>>

I had no intention to insinuate that a large number wanted, needed, or liked 9”. Rather, what I’m trying to convey is the sense that while I don’t think the average woman really *cares* what number of inches you’re packing, she usually *is* fond of a healthy, hard dick on the larger side of the fence. i.e. the actual number of inches is arbitrary, but the symbology/attatchment/desirousness of a well formed cock on the “large side” seems to be the statistical favorite.

And certainly, I would concur with your assessment that a real life NBP 9” would be generally viewed as (at least) a “little scary”. Interestingly, I’ve never known a woman who was foreplaying around with the idea of fucking a guy who turned out to be huge, who went on to “do it” who didn’t in the end love getting drilled by it so long as the guy was a considerate lover.

As far as getting women in conversations such as this and etc. is concerned, suffice it to say that I have “always been a talker” and have always had a LOT of friends who are women. Combine that with a career spent in the holy sanctum of feminine psychobabble known as the “hair salon” and yes, there’s been a LOT of direct and overheard conversations regarding cock. Then there’s the fact that my partner of 8 years is bisexual and the fact that this also brings a lot of females into my/our orbit. In a way I feel kind of like a fly on the wall of women’s affairs. I have pretty much lived my life surrounded by women. Sometimes I feel a little like the title of something Anais Nin once wrote; It’s called “Spy in the House of Love”. That’s pretty much me!

I’ve deffinitely concluded with complete certainty that if WOMEN had created the so called *masterworks* of European art in an unfearful climate that “david” by Michealangelo (?) would’ve had a lot more dick than he ended up with under the imposed standards of that day. And have you ever seen some of the staruary of such legends as Agammemnon?! If that guy didn’t have a big, fat, heavy dick then NO ONE DID! lol.

The answer to the original question is GIRTH. I think most women look for girth. To much length for some is uncomfortable but the girth is what they want.

Women like a guy with 8”+ girth and 1” length. The other aspects women like are scarring from warts, pubes shaved into a monster truck, and a gold Prince Albert with a turquoise tip.

*I interviewed a 31 year old female heroin addict hooker carrying a Hello Kitty lunch pail for my survey*

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by thal
The answer to the original question is GIRTH. I think most women look for girth. To much length for some is uncomfortable but the girth is what they want.

Actually, the original question was “besides length and girth”. :p

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

I’m shy and introverted as well, but PE isn’t going to fix that. Pre-PE and post-PE, I’ll probably still be this shy. Getting a big dick’s is hardly going to change that (unless it really bothers you having a tiny dick and you stay away from women because of it). You’re going to have to get more social. And yes, I see the irony in my advice…

There are only a few girls I can talk to that I can truly trust, and they’re the only ones who I can talk honestly to (unfortunately, one’s a lesbian and another’s disinterested in me), so it’s why I have a tough time being sexually open to some girls.


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