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What devices actually work

What devices actually work

So I’m sick of just kegeling and jelqing and stretching with my hands.
I was wondering if there is actually any good extenders out there?
There so many enlargement products, I know pills are scams, herbs are scams, but are the extenders too?
Most say “gain 1-3 inch in 60 days”, is this realistic or just BS?
I also remember reading a thread about these extenders messing with the dickhead-nerve o something, making your dickhead almost numb permanently because of the pressure applied to that particular spot.

Anyone with any success stories from devices please step forth.

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I’ve gained almost an inch in length, and 1/4 inch in girth using primarily the x4 extender over a 6 1/2 month period. I however am more the exception than the rule, and I owe my gains to following in the footsteps of the few who have gained using an extender by incorporating the newbie routine and various stretches/jelqs. I have also experimented and am semi regularly using a vac-hanger as well. I think the more things you can throw at your cock the better as long as you can continue your basic routine., and stay focused on the prize at hand.

The dickhead is called the glans/head. Saying dickhead like that might confuse people that are you calling them a name. :D

You can’t get any more from those devices then what you can with your own hands. 3 inch in 60 days is bullshit, but I suspect you already knew that. Once you have exhausted your newbie gains, you need to step it up a bit. And hanging or an ADS (All Day Stretch) device is a way to do that and can get gains from your newly conditioned penis. Lots of guys have gained here from them. But it’s not some huge amount and it takes time and patience like anything else. It’s not more then what they would gain if they just manual stretched (as far as I have read, but different people have said different opinions on that). I haven’t hung or used ADS, I’m just going on what I have read from people here. But it’s said something like x number of hours or something before your penis will start growing from it? X being a very high number of hours. Hopefully some of those guys can post here and share there experience.

There are progress threads from people who have used these devices. I suggest you go have a look at the progress thread forum, or do some searching and read up on it.

Looks like you’ve been PE’ing for a while so your dick should be conditioned. I would recommend (if you think you’re ready) hanging. Of course, you can go into that forum and see what type of device would work for you and things of that nature. Depending on your goals, you could also incorporate different, more extreme jelqing manuevers like horse squeezes and clamping.

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