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What causes penis size gains

I’ve found kegels and heat are the most underrated and important factors of real gains.

And just paying attention to your cock, look at it and the veins when your PEing to achieve best girth, shape, and length.

There appears to be many conflicting and ridiculous assertions surrounding this topic. The myriad of devices, techniques, theories all point to one thing; nobody really knows what their doing. Let me explain some of the fallacies as I see them and try to enlighten people along the way.

There are a couple of things you need to get your head around in order to understand this theory and for some of you that will be difficult because you are literally banging your corona against the wall to stimulate growth.

1) Structures and functioning of the penis are by Intelligent Design
2) There is no such thing as “flaccid growth”
3) Tearing of ligatures causes an immense amount of pain
4) Pressure/blood flow characteristics can and will increase erection size

The first one mentioned is important to understand because our Maker thought it necessary to instill some survival mechanisms for the penis to insure it’s ability for procreation. So, robust structures we’re designed in order that it not fall off. LOT theory and “tugback” have little or nothing to do with PE but more to do with the health of the penis. Maybe the Lord used it first with the turtle and thought it was good so He reproduced it for the penis. If your gun goes off at high-noon or six in the morning it does not matter, just be sure your not stressing the little guy so much that the ligatures contract (this is bad, it means your penis is afraid of falling off).

The penis has unused capacity just waiting to be exploited. As a side note, I believe we had huge penis’ 4000 years ago and due to our sinful nature God took them away from us along with a lot of other things. In His wisdom He left built-in capacity just in case we coveted more. I believe the secret of growth is exposing our “inner penis” to the outside world. About one third of your appendage lies inside your body. I found mine one day and I would like to tell the story.

About six years ago I was skiing at Snowbird, Utah. I was riding the tram with my girlfriend and we became stranded at the top, the elevation is about 11,000 feet. The wind was blowing quite severely and the tram was no longer operating; the few people that we’re with us on the ride up left to go down the mountain, so there we we’re all by ourselves at the top of Mt Crumpet. We went inside the empty shelter and starting making out, I had the most incredible hard-on due to the atmospheric change (a good 2 inches more than ever experienced), I was so pumped (literally) to paste my gal’s eyes shut that my exuberance scared her a bit. Her eyes opened wide and she said, “go slow with that thing.” Well, I was not wearing golf weights on the ride up and I did not know what an ADS was; there was not an infrared light burning in the tram, I did nothing and my boner grew to new dimensions.

I wanted this change to be permanent but as soon as my Johnson lost altitude my erection lost size. I did some investigating and found that pressure changes affect flow characteristics and at sea level my erection would be weak and pitifully average. But the true discovery was that I had additional capacity that was being underutilized and if I could find a way to get my system fully optimized I would have Snowbird erections. It’s that “inner penis” that must be exploited.

Well, I investigated a lot of things and went on a program that would primarily stimulate the the vascular system and the suspensory structures (simple jelqing/hanging). This took about 18 months to go from a little less than 6x5 to a little more than 8x6 (even bigger than my Snowbird size). Just like straightening your teeth or fixing a broken arm there is a time parameter involved. You put in your time and maximize your penis size by exposing the inner penis. It’s only going to get so big and then your done (there’s no lifetime achievement awards here).

Many of you over think this procedure, we are not looking for a cure for cancer or developing space stations. For the science minded among you, if we take a little manipulation of Bernoulli’s equation, one can show that pressure change in a straight pipe is related to the density of the liquid, the flow rate of the liquid and the diameter of the pipe (I hope this makes sense here)
P2 - P1 = (8 * rho * Q^2/pi^2) * (1/D1^4 - 1/D2^4). Here it is easy to see
That with a constant flow rate, the change in pipe diameters is the driving
Force to the pressure change. This is how we get a bigger boner.

My flaccid length has not changed at all, I am ashamed to admit I have a “turtle dick.” It’s always exciting to here from a new girlfriend (once we know each other for awhile and we are comfortable in all situations) when she initially sees me flaccid, “I’ve never seen you that small.” Naturally, I have heard the complete opposite when erect. People misconstrue the definition of flaccid, the penis is a very dynamic creature (always changing to it’s environment). I wake up in the morning and due to heat and relaxation factors I am six inches flaccid (but not flaccid by true terms); as soon as I move around and urinate the wiener goes into turtle mode. I can “fluff” and get that pseudo flaccid size back but it only lasts about 10 minutes, the point being, it’s the inner penis that comes out and optimal length is achieved. So, in true terms my flaccid size has not changed my erect size has changed dramatically

There are variations among us but the things I see people doing on this site are quite amusing in some cases. You might be getting growth in spite of your, what in my opinion, are barbaric techniques; after all, you are hitting the critical areas. But programs that require 200-300 jelqs (thats crazy), a good PE regiment does not require any more repetitions or sets than a good bicep/triceps workout. There is not any tearing going on except for some capillary damage at the very end of your pipe. Would you work at tearing your ACL to improve knee strength? Guys walking around with washers in their pants and expensive heat lamps, sitting on their wiener, clamping the poor guy, this is all grown out trial and error and is mostly error. Obviously, some of this stuff will work but it’s so much about reinventing the wheel.

Well, if it works for you and your happy with your gains after 8-12 months, thats great there is more than one way to skin this wienie. But there is a lot of frustration around here and the critical exercises that will stimulate growth are executed poorly in many cases. If you want 6pack abs your crunches better find there target or you are basically doing nothing.

Banned for posting bullshit.

Good idea about the altitude training, salvo. :thumbs:

Feb 2004 BPEL 6.7" NBPEL ???? BPFSL ???? EG 5.65" Feb 2005 BPEL 7.1" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 6.9" EG 5.8" Feb 2006 BPEL 7.3" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 7.6" EG 5.85" Feb 2007 BPEL 7.3" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 7.5" EG 5.9"

You should try some golf weights salvo to stop that turtleing :)

Originally Posted by Salvo

For the science minded among you, if we take a little manipulation of Bernoulli’s equation, one can show that pressure change in a straight pipe is related to the density of the liquid, the flow rate of the liquid and the diameter of the pipe (I hope this makes sense here)

P2 - P1 = (8 * rho * Q^2/pi^2) * (1/D1^4 - 1/D2^4). Here it is easy to see

That with a constant flow rate, the change in pipe diameters is the driving

Force to the pressure change. This is how we get a bigger boner.

Bernoulli’s equation does not apply to penis enlargement. During an erection blood flow is necessarily slowed by the force of the tunica pressing against the veins that return blood to the body. It’s the constriction of veins that allows blood to accumulate in the corpora cavernosa and enables that structure to pressurize.

Once again, you do not mention or show an appreciation for the tunica. God’s plan may be elegant, but it appears that you need to learn more before you fully appreciate it.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I had the most incredible hard-on due to the atmospheric change


Seems to me someone has been working hard on exposing their “inner ego”. Unfortunately, there is no known growth limit to that!

Amusing reading Salvo. You should consider going into fairy-tale writing :)

If you could also get Einstein’s equations as well as Schodinger’s into PEing, it would really make my day :chuckle:

The penis is a dynamic circulatory system complete with inlets, outlets, valves, and flowmetric sensors for optimization. It is, after all, a product of Intelligent Design. Biological and pharmacological fluid mechanics, such as the transport of blood and drugs in the bloodstream are increasingly becoming important areas of medical research.

Its all quite fantastic and incredibly simple to fine tune. Perhaps we can never come to agreement on some things but on one aspect I am sure we can all agree, whether you know it or not we are all plumbers in this activity and the penis is our most important pipe.

Banned for posting bullshit.


Personally I consider my aorta the most important, with a whole buch of other arteries competing for the coveted prize as “most important pipe”.

Anyway, how about posting your (suggested) routine?


The routine is not as important as the technique. Jelqing is the foundation of any good routine, applying excessive pressure is the key. If you are stroking your penis in the fashion of a pump action rifle, you are not effectively expanding the tissues. You have to hold the jelq in a isometric fashion to cause permanent deformation to occur. I see routines with 150 to 300 jelqs in a sliding up and down the shaft motion, this is not the most effective way to get at new growth.

I guess my theories are completely opposed to some of the existing ideas on this forum. I do not understand some of the methods that are common place here. The penis has built-in capacity; you are all walking around with the additional inches you are looking for, you just have to get that inner penis exposed. The pressure gradient that takes place during an erection is inadequate to produce the boner you are looking to achieve. You would like to have the pressure or negative pressure in the case of a vacuum pump to expand your penis to new dimensions. You have to improve your vascular system and weaken some internal structures to allow for your optimal erection to occur under existing weak pressure. Your not tearing ligaments to achieve this new state, although there are some that believe this is the case. Traction wraps and weights to keep open tears to facilitate length are unnecessary, the penis is in the business of self-preservation and when you stress it excessively, it will respond by retracting and shriveling up, this is natures way of keeping it from falling off. Do not think you have to artificially elongate your penis to “cement gains.” Your penis does not want to be wrapped up like a mummy or adjusted with golf weights/ADS. This is a fallacy in my opinion.

Your penis is more like a periscope than it is a rubber band. This is an idea that goes contrary to popular opinion. Your flaccid size is for all practical purposes unchanging. People are concerned about this and attribute degrees of tumescence to flaccid gains. This is a fallacy in my opinion. Your penis is not your ring finger in terms of its physiology, it is always changing, it is highly dynamic. I can take 30 photos of my flaccid size and there will be 30 different sizes. The erection size is the only measurement that is worthwhile, yes, the nature of exposing your inner penis will result in presenting yourself with a pseudo larger flaccid size with a little “fluffing” or if your in a sauna.

As you improve your erectile circulatory system you will expose your excess capacity thereby adding 1-3 inches in the most cases. So, as in most exercises form and technique are your best avenues for significant gains. Jelq correctly and static hangs in isometric fashion will stimulate growth. You will have to put in the time to rebuild the system 12-24 mos. but it is not necessary to play with all the toys that are available in the name of PE.

Banned for posting bullshit.

Salvo, you have to be more specific considering all the generally accepted wisdom you attempt to slaughter. What do you propose we should do, and in what ways does it differ from the routines that seem to work just fine for PE purposes? Please define key concepts in your proposition such as “isometric fashion”, and “jelqing correctly” according to your view.

And finally burst blood vessels on the shaft is a definite call for rest.

How can one tell if this has happened?

Pain. Red colouration, other than small red dots from burst capillaries, usually about half to a full centimetre in diameter or more. Best treatment is usually rest and dry heat, but then again heat is essential anyway right?

Whatever happened to Salvo? The Mods consider him a Troll? He certainly went out of his way to act condescending and he didn’t answer questions either.

Has anybody been up to 8000 feet and had a hard-on? I imagine all the runners in high-altitude training houses would have huge dicks during training camp… not to mention the males in La Paz. Incindentally, I have done some climbing, and I have NEVER heard of this observation from any mountaineer or climber.



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