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What causes pe gains

What causes pe gains

I would like to know what causes pe gains.I heard that testrone causes gains and was wondering is there any truth to that?And if that is false what does cause pe gains? I did a search but could not find anything. Thanks in advanced.

Testosterone, can cause hairer bodies bigger breasts. and other sundry happening, but does not increase the size of your penis. once you have reached maturity. - un;less you are exr#tremely lucky both in getting a bigger penis. and not having any side effects.

Best do a search on testone and read what doctors etc. say about it. Then you can make an informed decision that’s best for you.

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What causes PE gains? Work.


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Wasn’t really supposed to turn into a discussion just a question.Somebody just said testosterone assist in pe gains.but I guess it’s not true

Originally Posted by storm09
I would like to know what causes pe gains.

Everybody speculates. Nobody knows.

I’d have thought in general terms it is a fairly easy question to answer (without getting overly technical).

Many initial gains will come from applying what are until that point uncatered for forces on the penis area to stretch your anatomy in that area, i.e. you are stretching ligaments at the base and tissues in the penis (and internal penis) to make gains.

The act of jelqing creates increased internal blood flow pressure (i..e you are trapping blood flow and forcing it foward at greater pressure than created by a normal erection) and as a result creating damage or “micro-tears” to the penis which over time heals but by creating the damage the penis heals better able to take more blood flow and hence become larger over time.

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