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What causes a small penis?


Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout
“This world has no place for people with penis’s under 6 inches”
I hear you and agree. Might want to check out…ssageboard.msnw
It can always be worse

Damn, that place is depressing. Someone needs to tell them about PE. I started off fairly small; sure, PEing to get to average is kind of depressing too, but it feels great looking at how far you’ve come.

I started kinda early and I’ve been done since 15. Yes I feel like I’m small (which I am) but one day I got a glimps of a friends flaccid who started when he was 14 and now hes 17 and he deffently ain’t small. I’m 18 by the way and still in high school.

Originally Posted by Maxtro
This world has no place for people with penis’s under 6 inches.

Tell that to Albert Einstein.

yeah I just clicked on the link, and it can be alot worse I guess….so are are we tell them about this place??

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One of the biggest factors may be the large amount of hormones we consume in milk and other dairy. All those hormones they pump into the cows can’t be good for us. May also explain why girls seem to develop younger all the time.

Originally Posted by Insane_Man
Damn, now I gotta get an estrogen filter. Who makes those? Water pik?

Water pik is all you get, from taking penis pills.

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In the womb

I believe that a lack of DHT in the mother during pregnency can cause a small penis. This is the reason that there is a caution for women never to handle Propecia or Proscar because they have the active ingredient finasteride, which is a alpha 5 reductase inhibitor. That means it inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT. DHT is known to be active in male genital development which happens in the 4th-5th month I believe. So… maybe if a mother who is pregnent with a male child would rub on DHT cream (Andractim) during the 4th-5th month, the child would later develop a large penis. Who knows? There are some side effects to the woman from DHT, but it is dose dependant and most will disappear when she stops the cream.

Originally Posted by japanaji
yeah I just clicked on the link, and it can be alot worse I guess….so are are we tell them about this place??

They already know! This is from a post in Feb.

“If there was any proven methods, we’d all know about them by now and this site would be obsolete. Talk to Little_Lloyd, sounds like he’s tried every PenisElargement idea under the sun without any length or girth gains.
I’ve tried AllDayStrechers and exercises without any tangible gains thus far (2 months), but I’m willing to try anything just for the hell of it. I know the feeling :-(
Don’t even mess with the pills, but if your gona try PE even though it prolly does not work on most (or anyone) /forum/index.php

As you can see, this guy is a sceptic, probably like a lot of others of their members. “I did it for 2 months, no gains, so must be fake”. What excersizes did he do? What intensity? What was his commitment? What did he expect in two months? He doesn’t say. He is willing to try anything, but from his comment on Thunders, he has been here but has not tried anything taught here. I gained 1/4” length and 3/8” girth in my first two months because I was commited, (gains came way slower after that).
In the same thread, someone commented that they are a member here and PE does work as he had gained .5 inches. He did not get a reply to his post. Either no one believed him, or they all joined here and did not admit it? Seems to me, most of them have heard “You’ve got a small one so live with it because you cannot make it bigger”, which is preached by several of the posters there, and possibly they have been scammed by other sites and they cannot get past that, so they won’t believe. Oh well, what can you do?

Sorry for getting off topic.


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