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What are you using for heat?


What are you using for heat?

Rice socks are a pain in the ass. Definitely does not work well for stealth PE. After reheating a few times, the smell is very strong (of the rice…not the sock). The heat it generates is great but lasts long enough for the warmup but not long enough to heat during the session. IR lamps seem to be the talk now. Anyone using anything else other than just warming up in the shower?

I saw some electric heat pads in the drug store. Has anyone had experience with them? Do they generate enough heat? How about those rubber hot water bottles?

Pour really hot water in the bottles, you’ll scorch yourself alright. Electric heat pads as well. Reusable heat pads, the kind you boil (check out sports stores) work well - you can have a couple of them, click them one after the other if you do long sessions.

Or you take a small wet cloth, soak and put in plastic bag and microwave it, wrap in yet another cloth. Zap a few of them at the same time, keep wrapped up and take out one at a time. Difficult to explain what they are for though.

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Originally Posted by ddolphin
Rice socks are a pain in the ass.

I can’t resist this. Your not using the rice sock correctly, it doesn’t go on your ass :)

Sorry about that.
I use a heating pad most of the time.

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I use rice sock and there are no unusual smells even after reheating it multiple times. I do agree, though, that the fact you have to reheat it during and after session is annoying, but oh well… It’s better than wet piece of cloth. I’d like to use heating pad, it sounds very convenient. I don’t know how would I explain an IR lamp to my parents. This is maybe a stupid question, but can you skin get darker from using it (something like sunlight exposure)?

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I use no heat, never have either.

Originally Posted by Johnathon Doe
I use no heat, never have either.

You may want to rethink that strategy.

I just use a hot rag as a warm up, but during my workout I have a space heater pointed at my crotch the whole time.

Massaging heat pad for fowfers and quick warm-ups. IR light for more intense sessions.

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I use an electric heat pad with a temperature control. I didn’t like the rice sock or wet rag and this is great so far(1 week). Also you can wrap the tube with it for warm pumping which I tried for the first time last night and worked well. I was afraid of overheating with the IR lamp but I know others like it.

A hot water bottle is a good idea, just wrap it in a towel or something. I use a rice sock and just say it’s for muscle aches or something. There is no reason anyone should connect rice-socks with P.E.

Originally Posted by ddolphin
You may want to rethink that strategy.

When I stop being grossly above average, maybe I will.

I use only plastic bottle which contain hot water. It gave me much good result than hot towel. It is much useful and practical

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Using an infrared light on a stand has always appealed to me, I never got a stand I would always hold it there until warm, but imagine Having constant heat until you wanted to cool down in an extended state without any microwaving or anything, best of all you don’t even have to hold it!

I just fill a bottle or a small plastic bag with hot water (no, I don’t dip my dick in it). I tried the towel thing when I was a newbie but it just wasn’t practical. It was messy and the towel cools of way to quick.


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