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What are the odds ...

What are the odds ...

What are the odds of gaining 1” in length (NBP) and 1.7” in EG by simply manual techniques (jelqing, V and A Stretches, and Horse440’s)? I am almost looking to gain flaccid results but I am assuming they come with the erect gains since I am about 3.5” flaccid.

I have been adjusting from the newbie routine to:

5 minutes warm-wrap
10 minutes manual stretches (V and A)
100 jelqs (really SLOW and TIGHT)
2 Horse’s every 20 jelqs
Slowdown on jelqs
5 minutes wrap

I was just curious what people think, if that will get the results I want because I hear how guys saying getting girth is easier, but I don’t see how so. If anyone wants to critique my routine or help in any possible way that would be appreciated. Anything that will set me on the right path for proper gains and safety.

Thanks —- dp

From what I can tell those are very reasonable goals to achieve. Manual techniques are I think the dominate method for gains and definitely the main method people seem to use for girth.

I also am using only manual techniques and even though I’ve only been doing it for a short time I believe I am already seeing, well more feeling a difference.

I have also noticed that I am developing more girth on the top 2/3rd of my piece and imagine it will become more pronounced as I continue so I’m thinking of starting to hang and or pump somewhere down the line.

Those can ofcourse be “PPEG’s”
Post PE gains…


Hopesfall now what you mean. I have just started too and am using manual techniques first. By the sounds of it that sort of gain is possible but will probably vary in the amount of time taken to get it. Still doing newbie routine though as found that doing the other techniques seems to result in the red spots, which i also can get during sex sometimes with girlfriend as well which is strange.


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