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What are the best ways to gain girth and what exercises

What are the best ways to gain girth and what exercises

So my story is that I want to mainly gain girth but length is welcome too. My length sits at 6 in but my real problem is my girth which is 4.5 in which hasn’t really been a problem but would feel better if I could reach 5 inches. I’m just 18 and would like to know could it just get bigger naturally or best to start now? What are good exercises and routines. I was just thinking of doing jelqs 100 per day adding 10 a week or something. I mainly just want to try doing one exercise including stretches.

Hi fezz1234,

Welcome aboard,

At your age you can gain faster,

First you should read a lot, luckily this forum has tons of info that you should digest before you begin your PE journey, Please start here START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info,

Then follow the beginners routine for 3 months to condition yourself for more advanced exercises later on.

Good luck and happy gaining


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