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What angle to wear extender?

What angle to wear extender?

Hey all

I have recently purchased the sizegenetics extender. I was wondering if having the extender at a higher or lower angle may reduce or increase my gains. I have a high erection angle so would you recommend having the extender pointing at this angle? or pointing downwards working against my usual erection angle?

Any ideas?

Always pointing down.


may I ask why?

? ?

There is a common belief that a newbie should max the ligament stretch gain first before working on the tunica, which is the tougher part to work with.

So wearing straight down will allow you to target ligs first. Once your gain has stalled, then try straight-out and straight-up angle to target tunica.

Try straight-down for a few months and see.

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Feel free to “mix it up”, comfort comes at the top of my list. If I’ve had it down, and gets uncomfortable, move it.

Just be advised, the penis at different angles, presents different amounts of “length”, and sudden changes of angle, can cause some pain or slippage.

You will see this if you change from wearing it whilst laying horizontally, to sitting upright.

I only wear the extender upward. I’m unable to fit it downwards under my pants.

I think it’s more in the hours and the penis being in a extended state.

The andropenis people recommend to wear it upwards and if you have a curve to tilt it away from curve. If left curve put on right side, etc.

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Yeah, I have been wearing my ADS facing down, also I will alternate every other day from right leg to left leg. Honestly I think I might have maxed myself out in the down position, because I don’t feel that good stretch like I did when first starting with the ADS. Sure hope this isn’t the case since my dick pops out of my pants with the ADS in the up position. But yeah, just wear the ADS in the down position for 2-4 months, then go from there.

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