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What am I missing?

What am I missing?

I’ve been practicing PE for exactly 9 months now and done different routines and still no improvement.

I’m currently BPEL 5.2, EG 5

I followed the conditioning program of Big Al, then transitioned to his jelq-free program, and experimented with a lot more and still saw no gains. I was wondering why I won’t gain because I have followed these programs exactly the way it’s outlined and the only thing that I got from these work outs would be more noticeable veins. And still the same size after 9 months, probably a .1 or .2 inch gain in el but not in BPEL so maybe it was just the fat pad getting thinner.

The only time where I felt the work outs actually working was when I did the squeezes and light stretching. I used to warm up but my penis would get hard after removing the cloth and the moisture would make my penis cold making it turtle so I decided to do everything without heat but never got any injury or anything. When I squeeze I would see veins pop out and the glans expand and it would stay hard in the center even after I remove my hands but it goes away after a few minutes so I guess it’s fine. The stretches I used to stretch for 1 minute each direction, and during that very first session I felt some intense soreness in base (where the ligaments are situated). I felt happy because for once I actually taught that I found a routine that would actually help me gain after months of trying. Unfortunately I only felt that once in the entire routine, I thought maybe my penis needs more time in stretching so I increased my volume, from 1 minute each direction to 5 minutes to 10 minutes which would lead to 40 minutes of pure light stretching but still nothing happens. No negative indicators, I still got morning wood, no red dots, nothing hurts. After I work out I feel as if I did nothing because my length would go back to the way it was, my girth would also go back to the way it was and it feels like I’m running in circles.

When I stretch though I would feel the ligament in the base getting stretched (couldn’t say the same when I stretch upwards but it is very obvious when I stretch from side to side).When I squeeze my erections for the next few days would be a bit more full but still the same size it feels a lot different though, and more veins would pop out.

If anyone could advise me on what to do in order to see some gains. .1 inch of pure BPEL length increase and I would be so happy.

Here is my current routine.

Squeeze (base and near glans) - 30 for 5 seconds each hold [Increased by 2 reps if I can still do it] *suits me better than jelqing
Stretch (all directions) - 1 minute each side
Inner penis stretch ( I could only feel the stretch near the base not really the whole shaft because of my size my hands couldn’t fit to stretch near the glans) - 10 seconds x 5reps

Used to do kegels but nothing really happened, Ejaculations were a lot faster ever since I started doing these so I stopped edging and kegel all together.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

do same number of reverse kegels for every regular kegel. when edging, have your shoes off and watch your toes. slow down when you see you are starting to curl your toes-don’t wait for the feeling of curling your toes.if getting too close , do a ok grip around your ball sack and pull for about 3-5 seconds, then resume stroking.

try stretching followed by hanging between cheeks (I lay on my back on a table with the weights over the edge) followed by jelqing.


Thanks for the suggestion, going to try these the next time I work out.

Should I scrap off my routine and change it with yours or should I still do both together? And another thing, when I stretch the only way I would feel it stretch the ligaments is if I put a lot more force (probably got conditioned in my first try because after doing my stretch properly for the first time it got sore for 3 days, and since then won’t get sore anymore when doing stretches), but the thing is when I try to put in more pressure I start to feel my glans turn cold, it gets cold to the touch and when I touch my glans I could feel the heat of my fingers as my fingers were burning hot. When I lessen the pressure to where I don’t feel any tightness in the grip my grip starts to slip and wouldn’t be able to complete a stretch.

Try toiletpaper for a better grip when you do your stretching or baby powder working just fine too.

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

I don’t know the value of squeezing until you have built yourself up.

The cold might be from the squeezing or trying to stretch too hard. monochrome has good ideas.

I haven’t done hand stretches in a long,long time - so I really can’t help too much.

Use heat at the same time when you do your stretching, both under your stretching, under your pauses to next set and massage it between set like firegoats rolls and jelqing is a good thing to do between sets to get some blood in the head before you continue stretching. And don’t stretch the shit out of your unit. It’s better to start out the stretch at just under moderate strenght then by your timing you build up your stretching strenght the more you reach the end of your timing set.. then slap it against your tigh and massage with jelqing.

If you go to rough and hard, you scare the shit out of your unit and it gets cold!

But with heat and a good mindset how to proceed your stretching and sets with jelqing.. and maybe some squeezes between sets you can’t fail. If you do!

You need rest!

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

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