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What am I doing wrong

What am I doing wrong

So well this is the problem I been doing PE newbie routine for about like 2 months and a half and I do warmup of 5 mins stretches up,down,and sides holding for a min I repeat this exercise 4 times and then I do about 300 to 400 jelqs very very light jelqs I never treated wrong my unit or anything that’s what bothers me because well I don’t know if it’s an injury or something since I started doing PE my penis feels like hard sometimes when flacid like stiff not like an erection and it doesn’t shrink it only gets really stiff and to the touch it feels really hard and then it goes soft again and it looks full because I’ve only got gains in flacid length so this bother me because when I do jelqs and I’m not erect when I do them I do at 60% it gets hard again and looses that engorged effect that jelqing causes and I don’t feel the exercise is working because it gets so hard is even hard to fill with blood so I really need your help in this pls is this an injury?? I swear I’ve treated my unit very good and I don’t overdue nothing I rest a lot due this issue because I think it is an injury or my penis is reacting bad to the exercises so pls whats wrong is this an injury or do I do something bad?? Or I stretch too much?? And I don’t stretch that hard to the day I never felt the ligaments tired also so pls whats going on??

Sorry if I didn’t write well but English is not my first language thank you in advance for reading this and pls give me feedback pls thank you


Hey didio, you English is good. If you ever have problems with the language don’t forget that we also have:

Foros en EspaƱol

Give the guys a chance to answer you. I don’t know what is going on with your penis. But it sounds like you are doing the right things! Most important is being careful not to hurt it, and listening when your penis talks to you.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Didio, you are working too much. Those are 20 minutes of total manual stretches if I got it right, it is a lot for someone with about 2 months of experience in PE.

Take 2 weeks of and relax; than, when you restart, do about 1/3 of what you are doing right now, do it 2 on/1 off - 2 days work, one day rest. Add about 1 minute per week of total work, not more. I think you are a less is more kind of PEer.

What kind of jelqs you do, wet or dry?

I’d agree with marinera. Even though you’re doing the newbie routine, you’re being pretty intense about it. Less is more is the hardest thing for guys to accept when it comes to PE, because if we have more time to tend to our tools, we want to use it! Though many people make gains using the newbie routine, I think it’s most realistic to look at it more as conditioning your penis for the big leagues of PE. Hope this post helped.

Well thank you for your answers and I thought I was doing actually too little stretch time an exercise but now I know ill rest and I do like you said marinera 2 days on and 1 off and I reduce the stretches repeating them only 2 times?? And yeah I only do wet jelqs I think they are good for what I want which is length I don’t do dry jelqs because I read that they make the foreskin grow a little and I don’t want that is it hard to gain length if you have an initial girth of 5.5 inches?? And how many months should I do the newbie routine? OH and also am I doing too much jelqs? Haha those are a lot of questions but I have many doubts and thank you again for your answers

Number of jelqs : hard to say how much is too much, you have to understand by yourself; a good rule is: if you have doubts that it could be too much, probably it is. I suggest you to give a read to these:
Is LESS more, or is MORE more?
Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

You should do the newbie routine as long as you have gains - newbie routine is kinda a wrong name, it isn’tncessarily only for newbies.

Dry jelqs are more effective for girth than wet jelqs, that works both on length and girth. I think dry give less skn growth.

Many questions are not a problem, this is a forum and has the purpose to exchange doubts and ideas.

According to the majority of PE-ers, your routine looks like a bit of overworking. Your symptoms (stiff flaccid) further support this. Try to do just half of the routine for a while, maybe your tool likes it better!
Your initial girth (pretty impressive) it’s not an obstacle to gain length.
You do the newbie routine as long as it produces reasonable gains.

And, err…, try to segment each phrase into four shorter sentences. We’ll read them more easily! :)

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

Haha sorry if I write too much and it’s annoying to read it all before but I really appreciate all your answers thank you for your help because I felt kind of lost not knowing if I was doing things right or wrong thank you again for your feedback you where all very help full


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