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What am I doing wrong

What am I doing wrong

Hey y’all, I’ve only been doing PE for 2 weeks, but I wanna just make sure I’m doing everything right. I’ve been doing the newbie routine 2 days then 1 day rest. First I warm up, then jelq 100 times and then 2 sets of stretching. Afterwards my penis is bigger, but then about 10 minute after that it gets smaller again and kinda shriveled. But then hours after that it’s bigger again with more blood in it.

I haven’t noticed any gains yet but it does seem that my penis is more veiny. Is this a good thing?
Also, my measurements are 6x4.5
I’m looking for 6.5x5 within the next couple months, is that realistic?
Thanks in advance

It doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything wrong, other than maybe expecting quick results. Your goals are very reasonable and realistic, but I don’t think anyone can tell you what time frame they will realized in. Everyone is different.

Just stick with the Newbie routine for at least a couple of months, then reassess from there. Good luck in achieving your goals.

Welcome papertigers,

Everything sounds good.

The shriveling penis right after a workout is not a big deal as long as once it recovers you see some fullness.

You are still early in the growth cycle so maybe a bit too early to see gains on a ruler but the more veins tell you that you are pumping blood in there and that is a great start.

Don’t get to far ahead of yourself and keep a close eye on your eq and you pi’s

Just stay slow and steady and the gains will come.


Sometime in 2005: Bpel 5.7, eg 4.3: 7/15/07 bpel=6.1, eg 4.6

Now bpel 6.50, eg 5.30 bpfsl 6.50

Goal bpel 7.0 - 7.5, eg 5.5

I’ve been at it about a month longer than you have and only now am I begining to have an engorged hang after the full newbie routine. I add in half of a Uli#3 set at the end (I strentch then Jelq, then Uli) and have seen a little augmentation from the Uli, but overall I was shrinking right away for the first 3-4 weeks.

I still made noticable gains though, so while you don’t see the suggested result, focus on other indicators. Does it feel bigger in your hand if you get an erection? Does it feel firmer (mine sure do), more solid? Etc.

Just stick to it.

Alright cool, so the veins are a good thing. I hate how everything takes waiting.. :P

It’s worth the wait.

Remember, only way to move blood through the body is with veins, the bigger the veins the more blood, blood is a good thing as long as it stays inside the body.

Sometime in 2005: Bpel 5.7, eg 4.3: 7/15/07 bpel=6.1, eg 4.6

Now bpel 6.50, eg 5.30 bpfsl 6.50

Goal bpel 7.0 - 7.5, eg 5.5

Yeah I just finished my routine a couple minutes ago, and I’m noticing a lot more new veins it looks like.

Also, is it okay for me to stretch a couple minutes after jelqing? Or should I wait longer


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