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What am I doing wrong

What am I doing wrong

Okay 2 months ago I started slow and easy, seems that was the best way to start. So now 2 months later NO change: here is where I am, first thing in the morning long hot shower taking the detachable head and warming up all the areas that should be effected, then I do 400 wet jelq which takes about 20 minutes, I wrap my penis and then do 125 kegels I have a weak area from 3 o clock to 8 o clock so I do extras there , then I hang for 20 min. 5lbs I hang standing then I bend over then I lay on the bed let the weight pull down between my ass cheeks then I do shoulder stands to pull up, then I warm down. I am doing this 5 days a week. So I though by know I would have some gain but still 7” with 51/2 width. HELP WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!

I can’t tell you what you are doing wrong. But after reading a lot at Thunders and looking at past advices, I think you are doing a heavy routine as a start up. Suggest you read:

Newbie Routine


NEW newbie + advanced routine

Too much, thats what you’re doing wrong.

You’re doing DOUBLE the newbie routine recommended jelqs, possibly too many kegels, then you’re hanging (before being conditioned), which is kind of overkill, in my opinion.

Too much too soon is not going to help.

“Weak area so I do extra” <— can you explain exactly what you mean?

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J1369k18015, you are doing to much as slack said you need to give your dick a break and condition it, plus hanging is for later on after at least 3 months, also you have only been doing PE for 2 took me 3 months to see results which were not that big only .25in in girth and I’ve yet to gain more, so don’t over work your penis it needs to get used to it then you will see results. Good luck!


Your penis has a detachable head? :eek:

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I was doing half that and I lost my morning errections!

200 jelqs took me half an hour so how does everyone do more han that in the same time??

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Thanks everyone for your replies, I will back off slow down and give my penis a break, and I will review the newbie info.

Not sure I understand the line about the ” penis have a detachable head” ?

Thanks again!


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