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What am I doing wrong?????

What am I doing wrong?????

Hey guys- I need some help but will be going to bed soon so if you can respond in the next 10-15 mins I would appreciate the help.

I have been TRYING to do the newbie routine for a few weeks now and every time I finish within an hour or so I get a swollen spot on the right side of my dick just below the glans. It feels like a string of marbles or pearls. The last time I asked about this I thought maybe thrombosis but many of you said no. I am warming up with warm water in a cup- pressed against my body, then stretches in all directions for 5 min., then wet jelq at about 50% erection for 10 minutes (approx. 200 strokes). I am using the overhand ok grip with my jelqs and stretching to the left and right with each stroke. I am concentrating the “squeeze” of the jelq stroke on the sides of the penis and stroking at about a 3 second pace. After jelqs I soak my dick in warm water for about 5-10 minutes. After that I do kegels throughout the entire day. If I could demonstrate for somebody and have you give me pointers I would- I am in northeastern Ohio. Is it something about the jelq that I am doing wrong?? I usually end up waiting almost a whole week between sessions for the swelling to go down before I try again. At this rate it will take me about 10 years to get any decent and noticeable gains. Any advice?? Thunder, is there a jelq video in the works??

Well going, I think there is a jelq video up already. I’ll check right after I post this. It sounds like you are using too much pressure on your grip hand. Try using a different grip, less pressure and stopping your stroke well before the effected area. Do this for a couple of days and see if the swollen spot clears itself completely. If you keep causing the spot to swell, it will take less and less pressure to cause it to appear. If switching things around doesn’t help, take the time off until it heals completely and then start again with a real light grip and stroke.

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Thanks Thunder- you are an awesome guy. I will try again in the next couple of days and let you know how things went.


I know you were going to take time off to let that spot heal. Maybe you didn’t give it enough time. As Thunder said, “If you keep causing the spot to swell, it will take less and less pressure to cause the spot to appear.”

When you stretch, make sure your grip is nowhere near that spot.


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Okay, I had a chance to look at the dry jelq video and things seem to make sense. My problem seems to be that I am not nearly as big as the person in the video. I don’t have nearly that amount of shaft to work with. My strokes would only last a second or two at the most because of the size. Should I focus on another way to gain length before I can really do a jelq that is going to be beneficial?

You can still gain from jelqing. But, stretches are more effective for gaining length specifically.

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