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What age penis stops growing

What age penis stops growing

At what age can the penis lastly stop growing?

I remember seeing a study that showed it was roughly 16. Although I started PE’ing when I was 17, and had amazing gains within about 8 months (1.5” in length and 0.5” in girth); I think that these gains may have been enhanced by some natural growth.

Mine definitely stopped at 16.

I’m currently 18, and not too happy with my size, currently 5” . Do I have a chance of increasing to nearly 6”. I have been on this site many times, but I’ve been confused about stretching and jelqing. Is a great time to start? Also may someone point me in the right direction how to begin, though if there is a gain in size, will my penis be long and thin since it is stretched out?

You could probably increase well past 6” if you stick to it.

It stops growing the age you stop your PE journey at. If I had started at 18, I’d be tripping up over my long schlong at my ripe old age!

Once your penis grows from doing the PE exercises, will it go back down once you stop doing the techniques? Or you have to keep doing it to maintain the size? Once it grows, will it be thick, or thin since it stretches out

HelloMotto1, the permanence of gains from PE is debatable, partly because members’ experiences with that vary. It’s probably safest to assume that if you gain size from PE, you may need to continue on a maintenance routine to maintain your gains.

I have not heard of anyone complaining of developing a long but thin penis from PE. Generally increased girth comes along with increased length. In fact, some members want just length and no more girth, or more girth and no more length - but there are no exercises that guarantee just one without the other, even if that’s what you want.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Stretching tears the tunica microscopically and then when it heals it is slightly longer. This does not make the shaft thinner however.

If you PE for long enough and make some decent gains, the odds are that you will retain some of what you have gained even if

You stop PE. You may still lose some length and/or girth but it is highly unlikely that you will lose all of what you have gained.

That sounds quite interesting, how do I begin?

It depends on the person, the penis can naturally keep growing into your thirties!! If you have any awkward questions you want a doctor to answer, try this site http://www.channel4embarrassingilln…esponses-penis/ it’s from channel 4 in the UK, they do it mainly as a sex education for younger people, and it’s become very popular and is free so have a look.

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The penis usually stops growing between the ages of 18 - 21, however, as dontwanttosay has mentioned, it can keep growing up to your 30s.

Stretching, in most cases, doesn’t appear to make the penis thinner. In fact, a small amount of girth gain is probably more common. However, as you grow in length, it does seem to look thinner because it the proportions become different. But take a tape measure to it and you’ll usually find girth is about the same as you were before. This appears to be a fairly typical experience.

When I first started growth from PE, I was very concerned that my penis had become thinner …. until I got my tape measure out! Then I realised it was just a trick-of-the-eye and I’d actually gained a small amount of girth. During my PE career I’ve mostly stretched and haven’t done any girth work, yet my girth has now reached a point where I really don’t need any more! Around the base it’s about 6.5” which, in some cases, can certainly stretch a “friendship”! :chuckle:

lil1 :lep:

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