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What age did you start PE

Started at 22, I guess it’s a fine age…

I used to play basketball and remember guys growing in height until 21, so, I think it’s good to begin when you’re not growing anything anywhere anymore. :)

Started at 19


I have been doing it off and on since about age 32 and I am 35 now.

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Started for a month at 25, but was not a member, so I was afraid I was doing the stretching and jelqing incorrectly. Now I’m 26, and regretting the year I didn’t do this, but whatever, got to start somewhere.

I had done it on and off from 17 but really got into it around 19.

27 and this is my second day.

Originally Posted by CrazyAsHell
At what age did you start PE. When did you first hear about it and when did you first try it. Do you think starting PE at 18 is too young. Do you think it might actually stop the growth of my penis?

I was 49 years old. I never heard about it and thought it was not possible.

I think the best age to begin, with great caution, is during puberty as for bodybuilding ( Arnold began at 15 ).

Saying you should wait until you’re a adult to do PE is like saying you should wait until you’re a adult to body build. As long as you’re careful, don’t try anything advanced, and master technique, you’ll be fine.

For starting I thing better is 18-20 ? I not so sure..

I heard for PE around 2000 - I was 36 years old.

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I started at 36.

Originally Posted by funnyguy
I guess it is never too old! I just learned about this method and I am 76. I am happy with the results!! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

My hat is off to you sir. Congratulations on staying a young man for many years. And thank you for assuring me that I’m not the oldest fart on this board at 55 LOL.

I hope I still have a desire to try new things and an active sex life should I have the good fortune to make it to 76.

I hope you have many more happy and healthy years ahead.

Discovered and experimented with it at 14 (no gains), tried it again when I was 18 (no gains), tried again at 20 and that’s where I am now.

I think the age at which you start is only important in terms of how intelligently you do it. As long as you’re old enough not to PE excessively and injure yourself, you’re old enough to do it. I’d probably say the earliest, on average is 16-17, but at that age your member will probably beef out naturally.

Started:| 14 cm (unsure if BP or NBP) EG (mid-shaft) - 10.75 cm |

Current:| NBPEL - 17 cm; EG (circum scar) - 10.75 cm; (base) 14 cm |

Short-t Objective:| NBPEL - 18.5 cm EG (circum scar) - 11.5 cm |


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