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What affects erection quality more?

What affects erection quality more?

As newbies, most of us have probably done it. Over did our PEing to the point that it had a negative result on our erection quality. Well I know I did, but I learned from it and cut back a little, erection quality improved. Now I have since stepped it up again with no problems. I guess that means my penis has been conditioned. As a matter of fact my erections seem harder than ever.

My question to you, my fellow PRers is: What do you think affects erection quality more? Jelqing or stretching? I know that most of you will say that it is a combination of both, and you are probably right. However, my question is which one affects EQ more?

On a side note. Im 37 years old. My girlfriend and I had some of the most incredible sex I have ever had yesterday. I came, then felt like I could go again! So we did! I came again, still felt like I could go again! So, we did! Again I came! I came three times and started on a fourth when my girlfriend finally gave out and couldn’t take anymore. She looked at me and just said that I was not human. Nice shot for the ole ego! Point is, I have not done that since I was in my early twenties! Is PEing to blame? WOW!

So far in just over two months I have gained half an inch in length. Starting out at 6.25bpel, now im at 6.75. Girth is the same at 6. Boy am I glad I found thunders!

Jelqing affects EQ more.

IMO, jelqing has more of an effect on EQ, by far. As per your situation, yes PE works like that.

Seems everything is going right for you then. Keep up the good work guy.

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Ya, I kind of assumed it would be jelqing too. However I do think that the dull ache I get after a good work out comes more from stretching. Is it just me, or does that dull ache just feel good?

Nice gains, keep up the good work. Jelqing has the most effect on EQ.

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