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What about Stem Cells

Originally Posted by dirk
Also cells basically turn themselves off. That is how they stop growing. Why do you think our bones, penises, etc stop growing at some point.

Yeah, because they are programmed to be a specific size based on your genetics. So why would your own stem cells grow a bigger dick if your genetics say your suppose to be 5x4?

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
The only downside I can see to cloning new organs from existing cells is that the new organ will be an exact replica of the original cell. Because of rejection issues the recipient should be the same as the donor, or at least a blood relative. In this case, would not the new organ be of the exact same size and characteristics of the donor. Sure the new dick would be healthier, better circulation from new veins and arteries and healthy new tissue, but I don’t see how the new organ would be any bigger, just younger and healthier.

I’m not really enough educated on the subject of cloning to dispute what you’re saying here, but if it’s true that the cells will be an exact replica of the original cell (age and condition), cloning is basically useless in this field.

Atala have already grown certain body parts with a adult stem cells and printers (!). The trick here is to control the growth, and to command the different cells to develop to the necessary parts in the organ. The end result will be a completely new organ which will be excepted by your own immunsystem. That’s why tissue engineering is such a interesting field. It’s the future and it have so much potential.

It’s usefull because you can always grow another penis, so you have two or more. Think at the chicks face!

Originally Posted by marinera
It’s usefull because you can always grow another penis, so you have two or more. Think at the chicks face!

Yes, I can certainly see how having two dicks would be better than having just one, especially if they were over and under dicks. Then again side by side would present some amazing possibilities as well. Or one could just be kept in a jar until needed as we destroy the original with abusive PE.

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No Nukes

Your cells are not simply programmed to be a certain size. It doesn’t work that way. Basically if factors are different during puberty you could have had a much different penis than currently do, bigger or smaller

Believe it or not, cells communicate with each other, so injecting immature cells into tissue may cause those cells to differentiate into like tissue thus increasing the mass of the tissue.

But as stated above, it is more like going to be used in tissue engineering. Go the tissue then surgically implant it

If scientist can create a heart with your own cells, then it is possible to grow a “customizable” dick, and nanosurgery in the 2030s will make transplantation very easy.

In 2030? Not in 2029 or 2031, exactly in 2030? I take note.

I wonder if they can harvest the cells and recreate your dick. But while it is still in the growing stage, do PE on it so it will be big when they cut off the old one and attach the new one. This of course is coming from the mindset that th penis reproduced will be identical to the original. Put it in some sort of traction device while it is being made and growing. That way, it’ll be my unit, but it’ll be 8 inches long already.

Serious starting point: Nov. 2, 2009/BPEL 5.75 x 4.75 inches.

Current BPEL 7 1/2 x 5.5 inches.

Goal: BPEL 8 x 6 inches. Hell, if I hit 8, I'm going for 9!

Originally Posted by sandy0
If scientist can create a heart with your own cells, then it is possible to grow a “customizable” dick, and nanosurgery in the 2030s will make transplantation very easy.

So let’s see, in 2030 I’ll be 77 years old …

Yeah I probably could use a new dick by then. I’m sure I’ll wear this one out by age 75, or 76 at the latest.

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Not to mention that you will need a new heart, pumping enough blood to your new huge dick.

What about injecting other cells into your penis, so you dont need to jelq anymore to increase cell division?

Anyway, implanting a new dick and fuel your balls with an incredible amount of testosterone would grow a bigger dick, correct?
Imagine yourself back in ur puberty, with more test.. It would work, dont you think?

Another possible danger to consider, isn’t the whole idea behind cancerous tumors a matter of cells reproducing faster than they can die off? It would seem that adding cells to an existing cellular structure could cause tumors. Speeding up cellular growth seems to be asking for trouble, unless of course, the entire life cycle of the cells is altered, which I feel in a way is what we are doing with PE now, only at a slower pace.

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Where’s the website?

Originally Posted by johndough123
I am curious about the advancements in stem cells in regards to PE. However, it will be many years before such a treatment (assuming it works) would be available to the public with research to support it. I think it is probably the best shot we have in terms of a non-invasive procedure, but once again given the amount of diseases/disorders that could benefit from stems cells and the political tape around embryonic stem cells PE is going to be the last potential use being investigated.

As for Dr. Runel, the man seems like a quack. Check out his website and see how it is marketed, his videos make him look like a complete nut. He advertised his procedure on PEgym and other forums, but in all cases when people started to question him he left and never came back. He has no research on his procedure either, so if you decide to do it you will be the experiment and you will pay him $1900 to be a guinea pig.

I’m not sure I have too much faith in PRP therapy for enlargement. The growth factors that are extracted from the blood to be used in PRP were and are now even more so present in the fat transfer technique used for girth as at least one surgeon I believe is extracting these growth factors and reinforcing the fat transfer with them. The fat transfer method naturally has these growth factors when the fat is extracted, so even before reinforcing these growth factors were present. The fat transfer procedure saw and still continues to have absorption problems of the fat and no real evidence of growth despite those growth factors being present.

This might just be me, but don’t you think it would be risky to have them grow you a new, huge dick and then when they go to switch out your current penis for the newer one that issues might arise? Like, “Oh sorry, your body didn’t accept the new penis.” Now your without a penis altogether. A 5’ penis is better then no penis at all.

How many of you would gamble your current penis?

As far as grown organs go, most success has been in an area where a donor organ is stripped of its cells leaving a protein scaffold onto which new cells can be grown. Unless your new penis is printed layer by layer (which is also being researched/developed), you’d need a donor penis that can be stripped of its cells and regrown with your own cells. So find your donor soon.

In the future, perhaps on or around June 6, 2030, you’ll be able to have any non-baculum-bone-reliant mammalian penis grown and attached as your own. So all of you wanting a rabbit, hyena, rhino, horse, elephant or whale dick will be in luck.


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