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What about Stem Cells

No, it wouldn’t work.

Why do you think it would not work?

Why do you think it would work? How would it even work? You would inject a stem cell, or a variety of stem cells, into the penis that can differentiate into cells that make up the corpora cavernosa, spongiosum, and so on, and then what? Your penis will just start growing? If that were the case, why would it ever stop growing?

Stem cells are used to replace damaged/dead cells. They won’t change your genetics. If you damaged your penis by over-pumping then stem cells might be useful.

Sadly, my friend with MS underwent stem cell implants and shelled out $26,000 USD and nothing has really changed. He is still wheelchair bound and getting worse. So stem cells in your dick is absurd.

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What’s MS Schlong?

Multiple sclerosis

Oh, thanks.

On my last visit to the dentist I saw an interesting film talking about the future of Stem Cell research as it applies to dentistry. According to the film the possibility of cloning a full set of teeth into a toothless mouth was on the horizon. I don’t think the cloning of a bigger or better dick is that far fetched.

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What about stem cells used to create additional penile tissue then having the tissue grafted. An example is a procedure I read about where the tunica albuginea was cut and flayed then patched with another tissue graft.

Cut and flayed ? :-k :

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Haven’t anyone heard of Anthony Atala? The guy grew a rabbit dick in his lab back in ‘03 and sewed it back on the rabbit. It worked.

I guess we will be ordering our new dicks within the decade. You just show up at your doctors office, explain what size and shape your new dick will be, pay up 30K and BAM! 4 weeks later, the ink cartridge containing, not ink, but your own stem cells, would have filled the collagen channel representing your new tailor made cock mold with specific cells which grows to a whole new dick. Before the surgeons starts working on you, you would inspect your new 9 inch, baby-soft-like dick floating around in a jar in front of you, while with a little bit of nostalgia, you squeeze your 5 inch cock for the last time.

The only downside I can see to cloning new organs from existing cells is that the new organ will be an exact replica of the original cell. Because of rejection issues the recipient should be the same as the donor, or at least a blood relative. In this case, would not the new organ be of the exact same size and characteristics of the donor. Sure the new dick would be healthier, better circulation from new veins and arteries and healthy new tissue, but I don’t see how the new organ would be any bigger, just younger and healthier.

Then, again, if cloning human tissue is anything like cloning plant material, the new clone will also be the same biological age as the cells it was cloned from, healthier, but not younger, and definitely not Bigger. I can only see the new organ as being bigger if the Stem Cells were derived from embryos sired by the recipient’s well hung brother or father.

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Neat post, BG, good conjecture.

It is possible. Stem cells can differentiate into any type of cell in the body. Certain chemicals in the surrounding tissue “turn on” specific genes that cause these basic cells to change into specialized cells. So, yes it could be done in the penis to generate different penile tissues. That is the simplest way I can put it

Also cells basically turn themselves off. That is how they stop growing. Why do you think our bones, penises, etc stop growing at some point.

I think the problem is getting around the same genetic limiting factors the initial penile cells encountered. As cliquesh states above, the stem cells are not going to differentiate without some cell signal indicating a need to repair or grow new tissue. A perfectly healthy yet not ideal sized penis is not going to have tissue that will just grow when stem cells are introduced. The only way I see this working is the surgical method I mentioned above or some sort of scaffolding used to grow the tissue then graft it like they do with alloderm. The more I think about the more I’m realizing there is no simple or effective solution for penis enlargement. The breast regrowth using stem cells probably occurred because the tissue had been removed and some inflammatory elements were still present.


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