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Wet Jelq en EQ

Wet Jelq en EQ

Hi everyone,
I have been a member for a couple of months now, but since most of my questions were answered somewhere on the forum I had no need to post anything until now. I am pretty skeptical about PE because I only seem to be getting negative effects, so I hope that perhaps you could help me out a bit so that I can continue my PE journey and reach my goals (which are pretty modest I would guess).

I have been doing PE (newbie routine) on and off (mostly off) for a couple of months now. When I first started in July, I noticed a big vain popped out near my glans (I am uncut, and the vain was very noticeable when I pulled back my foreskin), I guess I overdid it although it never felt like I did. So I quit to see if it would subside. I visited a urologist who said I had nothing to worry about, and the vain become less visible through time

In October, I decided to try again, but soon I noticed decreased nite and morning wood as well as difficulty keeping an erection while having sex so I stopped again (as was advised in one of sparkyx articles). About a month ago my morning wood came back and I decided to give it another go. After reading a little bit about the bathmate, I purchased one and started doing the newbie routine in the shower, but even milder so not to overtrain. My routine consisted of 5 minutes manual stretching and 5 minutes of wet jelqing, and ended with 10 minutes of light pumping. I noticed that my erections were much harder than before (something I had also noticed the first time I started PE in July), but now my morning wood was irregular and I did not necessarily take this as a negative PI because my erections were harder. After a week or two of PE I started seeing big veins on the sides of my shaft and at the top of my penis. Moreover, I have also noticed that I can easily develop a nasty turkey neck which I really don’t want and these last couple of days my erections have been worse (no morning wood, but still pretty hard erections). So now for my questions.

1) To avoid the turkey neck, could I hold the skin from my balls back when performing an overhand grip jelq? So when stroking with the right, my left hand would hold the skin from my ballsack back and this (I think) could potentially diminish the chance of a turkey neck. Or would this technique not gorge enough blood towards the glans ? What are your thoughts?
2) Why is my EQ so irregular? Most guys on Thunders are raving about more erections, more nite and morning wood etc. But for me it seems to have a negative effect overall. My routine is already very mild, so what could it be?
3) Any other comments, advise etc would be greatly appreciated!

I realize this thread is ridiculously long, but I really want to continue doing PE and gain, so any help would be great!


I forgot to mention in my first post that I also do kegels every day for about 10 minutes.

Really? No one?

Damn. Should have made the post a little shorter I guess.

Wanting to gain not more than 3/4 - 1 inch in length and half an inch in girth, I really believed Thundersplace was the place to be and that PE would help me obtain these goals.

Nevertheless, could some experienced/knowledgeable PE practitioners try to read through my whole post and give me genuine advise here as to how to continue my PE properly?

Again, I would really appreciate any feedback.


Originally Posted by alik
Again, I would really appreciate any feedback.

They only feedback you need is your penis getting bigger while your erections being normal (better if stronger, not good if weaker).

Just go on. It takes years. Like I read long time ago “it’s like watching a tree growing”.

The prominent veins aren’t a problem. They are a sign of increased circulation, which is a good thing. My opinion on the erection problems is over work. Instead of 5 minutes of jelqing try doing 100 jelqs. Once your body gets use to that, increase by 20 jelqs per week until you get to 200. Personally, I do 4 sets of 100 jelqs a day, and not always all at once. Sometimes it’s 2 sets in the morning and 2 sets at night. it works for me.

Hope this helps.
Keep us informed.

Almost forgot about the turkey neck. It’s an issue for a lot of us. I wish I had thought about it when I first started jelqing. Maybe I wouldn’t have such an issue with extra ball sac skin, myself.

In my opinion you described a great way to avoid a huge turkey neck. Now with this exercise you will always get stretched skin to some degree, but I think doing it the way you describe will cut down on the excessively droopy skin while erect. I think it’s even demonstrated that way in the video section on jelqing. I’m not sure because it’s been a while since I’ve looked at that section.

Also, some guys have tried gently binding their balls, to keep their sacs out of the way. That never worked for me, because I always seemed to pull the skin out of the binding, but it could just be me. Anyway, I hope one of these options works for you.

Thanks guys!

These last couple of days I stopped PE altogether (only kegels) and noticed my EQ has risen significantly. I will begin with an even milder routine like you advised. See how that works out.

Two more question though:
1) What do you guys think of light pumping (with a bathmate) after stretching and jelqing? Could this help increase gains, or has this little to no effect? My thoughts when buying one were (and reading about it on TP as well) that when you pump after jelqing, you let the open blood vessels remain open longer so making gains more likely. Any thoughts?

2) The vein near my glans becomes very hard after jelqing, masturbating or having sex. When it is hard, you clearly can see it sticking out on the left side near my glans when I pull back my skin. You can move the hardened blood (or whatever it is) around in the vein and it feels like a guitar stringy or something. Now my worry is this: could it be possible for the vein to pop when performing jelqing or pumping?


Originally Posted by alik
Two more question though:
1) What do you guys think of light pumping (with a bathmate) after stretching and jelqing?…Any thoughts?

2) The vein near my glans becomes very hard after jelqing, masturbating or having sex. …

1) don’t buy a pump. it’s a waste of money. I tried normal quality air pump and bathamte both, and i can tell you that they are fun toys. But they require time, money, privacy and don’t give you what jelq and other tecniques can give you. For what i know just few members here got permanet results. the other have just temporary gains that disappear very quickly. Unleast you perform 2,3 hours a day for somethig like 10 years, then you can achieve something.

2) sorry, can’t aswer your quesiton.

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