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Wet Jelq-Constant stretch-tension or relax between repetitions

Wet Jelq-Constant stretch-tension or relax between repetitions

Hi all, I’ve noticed something recently while jelqing, I always used to jelq while keeping my penis constantly under tension(perform a jelq, when grip reaches glans hold penis out in stretched state, use other hand to grip at base, repeat) I tried instead of keeping it constantly stretched letting it relax after finishing a rep and before I start the next rep, so that it lengthens, shortens, lengthens etc. Doing it this way I felt more of a sensation of “stretching a balloon” or “squeezing toothpaste out of a tube” which I’ve read on here should be what is felt during a jelq, basically felt like I was able to get more blood in my dick and move it forward more easily. I did feel that sensation while doing it the old way but not nearly as much. Well I just wanted to find out which one of these ways is “right” or not since I haven’t seen this clarified in any of the how to jelq technique descriptions I’ve read and if it would make any difference in results? Thanks for your help.

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I don’t think it makes much difference, but moving blood is the key component of jelqing. If you can feel more blood being moved with the stroke using your “new” method, then that’s probably the way you should do it.

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