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A small thought regarding wet-jelqing.

After I have done my jelqing my penis become bigger at the top, more blood pressure there then at the base.logical I think.

Now to my hypothesis..
If one pull over a band at the base that be tight-fitting.
And With one of the hand you hold your penis at the glans, and with the other hand you jelk downwards the shaft.

Just I idea that hit me.What do you guys think about this? Does it works or is I dangerous because of you tighten the base?

Thanks for the best forum guys! And I’m sorry for my bad English.

Have you looked at the videos in the tutorials?
You have a grip just above the glans when jelqing downwards. Don’t jelq the glans.
The base grip is moved slowly down to the grip near the glans then trade hands and repeat.

Read “Jelqing Advice” really watch and study the tutorials.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Thanks for answearing!

I’m not sure you understand what I mean. My thaught was to Jelq the other way, starting at just beneath the glans and stroking to the base, but with a pubis-ring, like a rubberband over the base to keep blood from moving out of the penis. Should this work? I guess the point would be get the same pressure and increase at the base, as at the glans..


Isn’t that called “Reverse Jelqing”?


I don’t know what it’s called. Didn’t know that the exercises existed..
The reason that I asked is that I think I get more girth at the top of the shaft. Or maybe it’s just a illusion..


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