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Went to the doctor today.

Went to the doctor today.

A couple weeks ago I decided to do a little hair removal which I thought would make things a little more attractive down there and aid in pe-ing. I was shaving near the base of my penis and just figured this is what most people did. I developed 2 small red bumps near my scrotum, on the base of my penis. After a little research I concluded that they were infected hair follicles, but wasn’t sure. I stopped my newbie routine and just waited for these bumps to heal. It has been a month and they are still there! While seeing my doctor today I asked him about the bumps and he took a look. He said he was 99.9% sure they were not an STD and gave me a cortisone cream for them. He was confident that they weren’t an STD because I’ve only had sex with my ex girlfriend who was a virgin and he said oral sex would not give you warts. Just wondering, has anyone experienced this before? How do you get rid of the hair around your penis? Thanks!

Hey man.believe it or not I have had the same problem.instead of going to the skin with the razor get some clippers and give it a haircut.I usually start with a 3 and go down to a 0 when I reach the base.I also asked my girl friend about tit and she said when girls shave with a razor ingrown hair bumbs form and stay for a long ass time.Don’t worry about it.

You didn’t say how big and nasty these are by now, but they may be ingrown hairs. If they are, the cure is digging them out with a needle.

They certainly aren’t “big and nasty”, in fact they would probably be difficult to spot by a girl. However, they are visible, kinda similar to a pimple you might get on your face. The thing I’m wondering is why they have lasted so long? If they are in grown hairs I’ll have to dig them out? Sounds fun. I’m just relieved I don’t have an STD, although my sexual history wouldn’t point to that, minus the oral sex. Thanks for the replies.

To recify this problem in the future, shave ‘side to side’ instead of against the hair grain.

- Lee Beast

Cortisone cream would indicate the doctor thinks it is eczema? Probably for redness/irritation a skin healing cream such as Savlon will work a lot better.

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