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Well, I finally did it.


Haha one way to tell would be to make him donate like a dollar by credit card, goodluck getting your parents to do that for you! Something tells me he’s 18 now anyways.

Best luck to you! :D

You are not the only virgin here on TP. In fact, when it comes to me, I haven´t got a girlfriend yet.

P.S Are also 18.

Well, Luka might not have found this site until a few years into his PE expedition. I don’t know (I really just had to resist the urge of chat-speak for that one!)

Starting Stats: 5.5 BPEL/5.0 EG (Jan 08)

Current Stats: 6.0 BPEL/5.25EG (Mar 09)

Starting Pics: The Leap of Faith: Here are my starters.

Originally Posted by Luka89
Well I know a similar guy like him :D (that’s all I want to say)

Don’t worry Aiynsedai I know how you fell and I think I started with 15 years looking for ways to enlarge my dick! So it’s the same, well I’m a virgin too and I’m doing PE for my girlfriend, for ME and for better looking and healthy dick. Size is important and if it’s not important to the girl, it’s important for me. Just focus on you’re goal and don’t let it go! You’ll get the dick of you’re dreams if you give 110% of you!

Well guys don’t get my wrong like some people! I’m didn’t start PE on Thunders Place with 15, I got to know PE and started to work with 15 by searching the web for work outs. But I found this place with 19. ThununderSS was a bit mad because he tough I was underage when I registered. So sorry to every one who didn’t got the message clear and don’t worry people.


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