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Well I did it

Well I did it

I have always been a small for my likings..and probably anyone elses. But through the months of stretching and jelging, and my new found glory, hanging, I finally got the push back from my girl saying ahh! I asked her what was wrong and she told me it was really tight. I felt amazing. Dont get me wrong, I would never intentionally cause my girl pain, but that has never happened to me.

Congratulations, my PE brother.

What are your stats (starting, current. goal)?

Started: BP 7.1" x 5" MSEG

Now: BP 8 3/16" x 5 1/4" MSEG , 6 1/16" BG (4/29/09)

Goal: BP 9" x 6" MSEG

I couldn’t tell you my starting but right now I am 5” EL, almost hitting 4.5 EG. There was actually a time in my life that I wondered if I ever hit puberty. That is a story in itself though.

My goal would probably be 7x5.5. I would be really happy to hit that mark. I know I have taken previous measurements and I was about 4.5” EL and probably a tiny bit over 4” EG. So given my circumstances, I think I’m going pretty well for 4-5 months with gains. I do plan on continue my hanging and start pumping. I’m just trying to do a lot of research on here, reading posts, trying to get well educated before I go and take that leap. wish me luck bros.

Word man props look like you doing good

Congrats and wish you more, wanna.


Congrats glad you are gaining sir.

Current size: 7 Bpel x 5.125 Eg. Goal: More girth.


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