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Well, I am starting....any asian here?

Well, I am starting....any asian here?

Hi, so wonderful to find this great site…and thanks to those vetarans who contribute to here.

I have seen some articles about stretching, jelq and PC muscle practice before, but never tried. In fact, I thought my penis is okay, and maybe a little above average in Asians, and my skills is good. So I never felt any needs to do PE before,

until I met my current partner.

Seemed her only orgasm will come from continous stimulation to her cervix. Well, I can reach there, but continuous stimulation with her cervix and my glan also make me come very quick. That’s why I begin to search for some enhancing techniques.

I believe there must be people like me somewhere to help each other. We already have tons of weird communities on the web….There are no reasons that I could not find one for me, and similiar friends. Then I found Thunder’s Place from Google…I have to say, this site is damned better than I had imagined!

OK, here is my goals:

1. I want a longer dick to reach her cervix easier

Current Errect Length: 15.5cm / 6.1”……

Goals: 18cm / 7.1”….or maybe 20cm/8”…i am not sure, since most dildo on the market range from 18cm - 20cm, I think 18cm should be quite enough

2. And maybe a thicker dick..

Current Errect Girth: 13cm / 5.1”
Goal: maybe 15cm / 6” or less

In fact, I don’t want it to be too thick…I hope my partner to feel comfortable when doing Oral to me. Does 6” make great difference than 5.1” when in vagina? Any female members can answer? Maybe I am wrong and I should persue a thicker one?

3. Harder dick, and longer time

I think I can improve my strength with several months of Kegels. In fact, I already got some gains with Kegels during past 3 weeks, it’s now as hard as a rock.

But how to get a longer time and control ur sperm? I saw here that training by masterbation does help. But I am just not sure how to go….If she keeps on bunching my glan with her cervix, i can only insist for less than 3 min. Although usually I can last 30 min above.

Well, my current routines here…any suggestions welcome

1. Shower, with hot water and cold water alternatively on your penis, 5 times. I do this instead of hot wrap. It’s said this will also increase your time during sex…but I am not sure, I just begin…:P

2. Manual strech for 10-15 min, in various directions, 30 sec per stretch, 15 sec rest, then next stretch

3. Jelq, 3 sec per jelq, for 15 min-20 min….70% strength. Should I do it with a softer penis? Seemed may veterans said a soft jelq can help for length.

And a question, I am uncircumized. So I do dry jelq style of practice, but still with baby oil. Any other uncircumized buddy have other options? Please kindly suggest.

4. I ordered a pump, which will arrive next Wed. Can I use it like a 5 min jelq, 5 min pump, and repeat twice? Or should I do 10 min jelq, and 10 min pump? any suggestions welcome.

5. Masterbation training….I have reached dual orgasm twice during my practice in the past week, thanx to kegles. But I think I need to practice my glan more….:P

OK…this is my first post here, just my thought and my routine….seemed a little lengthy, hope my dick could be as lengthy as this post someday…:P

I will report my progress here later…

Wlecome to the forum,

There should be Asians around, I have seen some posts

Welcome pabulum!

You have designed an excellent program. Within a couple of months you should notice some gains.

Here’s a bit of info about uncircumcised jelqing.

My only suggestion would be to not add pumping to your exercises yet. First you should give your dick several weeks of manual training alone.

Hi Pabs. I’m not Asian, but my coffee girlfriends at work are. Good luck in your quest :)

cead mile failte :lep:

Hi, Thanks a lot, buddies… is a really wonderful community…:)

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