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Well here it goes

Well here it goes

Hello all,

Today I decided to take measurements and tomorrow start the newbie routine. I have been doing a lot of reading here in the past months. I know that PE is something that is not instant but a long process and I’m ready to devote hours to it!!

Well here are my starting measurements that I took

F: 3.25”
BP: 6.75”

Not the biggest but hey thats why I’m here!



Actually those are very respectable starting stats, good luck stay dedicated.


And I sure will stay dedicated. Back in 2002 I used to weigh 300lbs at over 38% Body fat I’m now currently 220 at 16%Body fat. So this will be just another addition to my healthy lifestyle

Well, when you first start, it doesn’t require “hours”. Just 15 or 20 minutes. Start slow and build up gradually.

I meant hours as in time spent over the next years! And I plan on about 30min using the newbie routine.


Man, you have been lurking a long time. You must have done a lot of reading in five months. Good luck.

By the way
Great starting stats

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Well I don’t know whats up or maybe I’m just lucky but after doing the exercises this week I decided to measure and my BP is now 7.25” but nothing else has changed. I know that I measured correctly the first time so this is pretty amazing. Could me being a health nut and eating 6 meals a day and workout out and making sure my diet is on key help out at all?


0,5 inches in a week ?
Did you measure after doing the exercises ? If yes, then it is not a good idea.
Each time you take mesurements, do it the same time, same day, and not after exercise. If you really gain 0,5 inches, then …. man! Keep going.

Yes to answer your question. All these are contributing factors to PE.

I measured on my off day from exercises around the same time I did before.

So yay!

Lets see how much longer my newbie gains help out.

Welcome rickyyy. :) Tell us - why do you have two extra Y’s at the end of your name? Purely for an accentual purpose?

Because the name Ricky was taken .. LOL


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