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Well Hello there.

Well Hello there.

HI. I suppose it’s pretty obvious that I am new, and therefor felt it necessary to at least begin with an introduction. Having read posts from other newcomers (no pun intended) I got my Stanley quick read tape measure and acquired what I believe to be a reasonably accurate length at 6.375” however it didn’t exactly measure girth well, so I guess I will have to take a trip to the local sewing shop and reply here. There is however an issue I would be interested in receiving some input on.. Ok here goes, while like most men I assume, I would definitely like a larger package, but that isn’t my primary concern, you see it seems I have a partially underdeveloped ,,,,, member or partially overdeveloped depending on you’re point-of-view. (Again no pun intended). I would seem that of the 3 primary chambers either my right is overdeveloped, or my left is underdeveloped, while I don’t consider myself a pessimist, I lean towards the latter being the case, (probably because the idea of shrinking the right to match the left just doesn’t seem to compute). However it seems most techniques for penis enlargement seem to concentrate on it’s entirety and I am unaware at this time if, throughout the workout process it will even out or intensify an already very pronounced curve to the left. So in conclusion, HI again, and I would appreciate any insight and/or potential solutions, suggestions on this matter.

Hi Tas, Welcome aboard. I am also new. I just started a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure I follow your under/over development issue. Have you seen a Dr. about this problem. He could tell you what caused it and what you may be able to do to solve it. It would seem to me, that PE may exercise may help. Especially, Jelqing. I would get a Dr.’s recommendation though. Good Luck


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