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You’ve discovered PE and somehow found your way to Thunder’s through all the crud spewed out by popular search engines. Congratulations and welcome.

First, a short description of Thunder’s Place: Our purpose is free exchange of no-BS PE information. We don’t sell or promote any products or accept advertising. This forum is financially supported by your donations and maintained by volunteers. Any members here who are selling, assocated with, or intending to sell PE products are bound by strict rules, which we do our best to enforce.

As a PE newbie you’re likely bewildered at the amount of information here and somewhat confused how and where to find out what you want to know. Reading the sticky threads in the Newbie Forum (and stickies in any forum) is a good place to start.

How should you begin PEing? Should you “buy” a program? Which is the best? Everywhere you look on the web someone is selling some sort of PE routine claimed to be the cat’s meow.

The truth is that any reasonably sane regimen will work just fine. As with weightlifting/bodybuilding, being overly concerned about details in the beginning doesn’t lead to better results. Stick with the basics and you’ll get whatever easy newbie gains you may or may not have in store.

Stretch. Jelq. There’s your program.

Don’t do it too hard or too often. Err on the side of doing too little. A few minutes of light stretching followed by a few minutes of jelqing is a good start. How often is up to you. You could try one day on, one day off. Go by feel, keeping in mind that not doing enough is better than going overboard. Search and pull up my first post here. I did very minimal sessions and had to space them out. No ideal beginner program suited for everyone exists.

While employing your newbie plan you’ll likely read about more intense exercises. The natural tendency is to want to leap into such things. If a little is good, surely more must be better. Nope. Save that stuff for later, if at all. As a newbie your job is to:

1) Perform a simple PE routine consistently while not overdoing intensity, duration or frequency. Stick with the basics and see what you get out of it. Learn to jelq correctly.

2) After several months you should have a good idea of how you respond to PE. You’ll be in a position to decide if you want to use different techniques.

Thanks Hobby.The concern and the wisdom you impart is greatly appreciated by me and I’m sure many others as we begin our PE journey!


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