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Weird tingling after newbie routine

Weird tingling after newbie routine

Hi everyone,

Due to a few changes in life and lifestyle (I won’t bore ya unless someone’s really, really interested, heh) I thought I’d give things a go yesterday and started, very carefully, with the newbie routine as outlined here. Was pretty religious about warmup and warm-down, and did about 8 mins of jelqs. Might have been a bit too erect, my normal erections are rock hard so finding 60% is a bit difficult. So, no problems afterwards, had a nice hot shower too after warm-down, but during the night and all day today I’ve a weird tingling in my toolset. It’s like it’s pressurized. Not exactly painful, but uncomfortable, to the point of that I’d not do any PE today.

Question- I did probably jelq a bit too hard on too hard a member, or, is this perfectly normal and a sign for a good workout? I guess working behind a desk sitting all day’s not exactly helping either..

Thanks everyone, appreciated.

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Too hard, too erect; see you knew the answer yourself. Go easy!

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55

Too hard, too erect; see you knew the answer yourself. Go easy!

Gotcha. Thanks for confirming the mistake, will take a break and re-start. Much appreciated!

I would take a week off from PE and restart with an erection level of about 50%. Your penis will adapt and learn when to get hard for sex or masturbation and when to maintain a PE level hardness. Actually, you are training your brain but the other sounded better.

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