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Weird location, weird pain

Weird location, weird pain

I’ve got a random sharp pain, kind of comes and goes around the left side of my body a little lower than my lower abdominal. Basically where the elastic strap of someones boxers would be. It could just be some random pain since my body loves to fuck with me, but I was wondering if it is possible this is from stretching? It’s time for a break regardless in my eyes but I’m just curious if this ever happened to anyone else or if this is just my body’s way of saying “I hate you” to me.

I had something similar to this after hanging BTC for the first time. It wasn’t painful, really, but a general sore feeling that was in the same area I felt a new stretch than I had felt previously. The feeling was also symmetrical, rather than to the left. Have you been stretching BTC or SD?

Just SD and side to side nothing fancy. I do jelq straight down sometimes as well but I have a feeling it’s not the jelqs doing.

I had the same thing, it just came one day after workout and the next day it was gone. I think it somehow came from stretching, because I was doing it really hard that day.

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