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Weird Can someone maybe explain this

Weird Can someone maybe explain this

I have been doing PE for about 2 months now.. Just Jelq for about 15 min every other day under hot water.. My starting size was 7.3bpl (6.6nbpl) and 5EG exactly from head to end any I don’t really mesure much, but when I do it has always been around the same lenght and Girth maybe .1 or so bigger every now and then. Last night before going to sleep, I remembered one of my ex g/fs and how she used to do this one oral thing with her mouth :) and things started to get “hard” and something felt different, I held my dick in my hand and it felt a lot bigger then normal.. So I ran grabbed the tape mesure and I was 5.5 EG all around.. WTF?? This was last night, a rest day, so it wasn’t after a good session of Jelq or anything. I found it really odd. I measured this morning and I was up to about 5.2 EG really weird how it just grew like that all of a sudden.. Does this happen?

Well if you havent mesured for some time, and been doing pe excercises then it is expected :)

Well Done :0

Keep up the good work.

Thats the thing. I measured like a week ago and it was still basically my starting size.. It’s like it grew that exact moment or something.

Um I dont know why so sudden, hmmm

Your dick .well my dick at least.. Feels different at different times. Meaning at times of stress or tiredness.

But anyways.. Congratz on any gains. Small or large

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