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Weighted kegels

Weighted kegels

I’ve been doing kegels regularly for a few months now, and haven’t really noticed any serious benefits. Erections may be a bit more firm, but they haven’t helped me much with prolonging sex, which is my main interest.

I’m thinking of making a device to do weighted kegels, wondering if anyone has tried something like this and was it more effective then regular squeezes? I’m thinking I’ll take a piece of rectangular fabric, which would drape over the erection, and then attach some string on each side and hook a sand witch baggie to the string and put some weight in the baggie, like quarters maybe.

It makes sense to me, think of weight lifting, in order to build strength you want to do low reps with high weight, so would the PC muscle be any different?


I kegel with golf weights on (unwrapped). It makes a huge difference in the workout.

Weighted kegels have been discussed here before. Here’s something I wrote about them back in days of yore: Ike - harder erections!!

Hey rawrrawr,

Has kegeling done anything for your popshots?

Just curious on the how much effect it has (I’m starting to kegel too)

Originally Posted by zaneblue
I am keenly interested in this topic.

It’s a good topic, very heuristic. I use kegels aginst tension as a primary part of my training. I use three principle methods: 1) kegeling while hanging, 2) kegeling against bungee cord tension, and 3) kegeling against one of my homemade ADS gizmos.

When I’m done with PE, I’ll still use kegels against tension training for the BC muscle tone benefits.

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