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Weight loss and girth

Weight loss and girth

Does running on the daily basis increase your chance of losing girth in your unit.

At the least it would help circulate blood flow more and make erections potentially better. Why do you think it would make you lose girth?

Since I started it seems as though my unit is losing weight or grith.

“Seems” isn’t a really good thing to go by, expecially if the “seems” is negative. Do you have before measuring pics? If not get some if you just started and if this “seems” comes back tell it to go back in It’s hole if the tape measure holds the truth.

Good advice. is there anything that will cause loss of girth other than injury.

I don’t believe so. Injury is the main thing of concern when I do PE. Medications can come into play, but I think that’s only for erections. You know even if you do have an injury, if you take time off right away it’s probably possible that you could gain a little or you won’t be less than your last measurement, but keep in mind the time lost to more potential gains you could of had as well. Cardio exercise and rest goes hand in hand with PE.

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