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Weekly Schedule, what works best

Weekly Schedule, what works best

For those of you who have settled into a routine, have you found a certain schedule that benefits you most or do you just wing it? I’ve been doing PE for quite a while, off and on for nearly ten years, but I’ve really never found a schedule that I can follow and I soon lose interest and focus all together and end up failing. I’ve tried the 2 days on and 2 days off schedule as well as 3 on/2 off and even 5 on/ 2 off routine for jelqing. I’ve also tried the certain newbie and other assorted guides listed elsewhere on here but ultimately give it at least 3 weeks and then it falls apart from there. I’m not sure if it is a motivation factor I’m suffering from, but I would really like to here what the rest of you do and even use to combat lack of motivation and follow a good routine you don’t get tired of.

I just PE everyday. I aim for 5on 2 off. But I don’t really need 2 off very often. Sometimes I’m way to tired and miss a certain exercise on a day. So I’ll make sure I don’t take a rest day when it’s due. Basically if you get into the life style of PE and get used to doing it everyday, any time off is a bonus! A well earned rest when ever you need it.

I really have no clue at what stage you are currently at. Just whatever you do stay consistent, write down your schedule and do it the same times everyday. If you find it hard to concentrate for a while all in one session. Do a quick morning session. Start off 5-10min stretching. Then jelq and do a little more stretching at night. When you split it up like that 10minutes isn’t very long at all! If you haven’t done PE for a while and you get fatigued easy, start with 5 minutes. Then increase the time as you start to plateau or not gain more.

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