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WEEK 5 results

WEEK 5 results

Week 5:
Length erect: 14.7 cm
Girth erect: 12 cm
Length flaccid: 12.5 cm
Girth flaccid: 12 cm

Week 2:
Length erect: 14cm
Girth erect: 13cm
Length flaccid: 13cm,
Girth flaccid: 12cm

Week 0:
Length erect: 14cm
Girth erect: 13cm
Length flaccid: 13cm
Girth flaccid: 12cm

I seem to be making advances in length but losing in girth? How very odd. I have a feeling like my measuring process is not fully consistent. I think that 0.5cm error margin would be acceptable, but one whole centimeter seems like a lot to loose on error. I will now measure weekly, which should give more consistent results, despite the alleged motivational cost.

Otherwise, my routine is unchanged (see below), except that as of last week I have been jelqing 14mins instead of 12.

I have also unfortunately not been terribly consistently exercising, sometimes missing out on a session. Not good, I know. Need to work on that.

Symptoms: had some red dots about a week ago. Went away quickly. I’m also experiencing less turteling than usual from cold weather and similar. My horniness level has also skyrocketed, I’m masturbating lots at the moment. Stopping that might prove tricky.

- 10 min warm up
- Basic stretch 40sec out, 5sec break, 40sec left, 5sec break, 40sec up, 5sec break, 40sec down, 5sec break; repeat five times.
- 12 min jelq
- 3 sets of 20 kegels
- 10 min warm down

WEEK 2 results

Starting with PE

As always, comments welcome!


Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime
I seem to be making advances in length but losing in girth? How very odd.

I think this might be due to erection quality improvements. I don’t know if it’s true for anyone else but when I’m 80% erect my erection is plump and kind of pumped. Like a tree trunk or a baseball bat effect or both. The lenth is a bit shorter. But when I’m fully erect, like 110% there is a bit of length gain but the tree trunk or baseball effect goes away alot and my unit looks more like a cylinder. In my first PE weeks I thought I had a tree trunk effect, but since my erection quality has improved a bit, it is less so now and if I do have it, it’s only slight. The reason I mentioned the baseball effect, is because I get the tree trunk effect when becoming erect from flaccid, but get the baseball effect after ejaculation or a jelqing session. There is no wonder there is entire forums dedicated to penis’ because they have a mind of their own.

I don’t know if it’s the case with you man, but this is what I’ve noticed in my first PE weeks (I’m coming up to week 4 soon). I know for sure if I measure EG at 70 or 80% erection it’s more then if 100% erect. But I don’t know by how much. I’m holding off measuring again until the month mark.

You’ve made some good gains, congrats. About masturbating, I think it comes down to how much you prioritise PE. For me masturbating is like short term gratification, where as PE has long term benefits. Again I can only speak for myself, but I know that ejaculation fatigues my unit, and if I do it 3 times a week instead of 5 for example, that means less fatigue and more chance to do PE without overdoing it or having to have a rest day. There are other advantages to holding out for a few days like bigger loads and if the opportunity for sex comes up you are more rearing to go. But each to their own, it’s everyone’s personal decision to make.

About your flaccid size, it’s so hard to measure flaccid. Is flaccid measurement when it’s fully turtled or when it’s on it’s “average hang”. Flaccid size seems so schizophrenic and hard to measure. Maybe that’s what accounts for your flaccid loss.


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