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Weather Affected PEing

Weather Affected PEing

Does anyone else hate this time of year with regards to doing PE, when it’s just too cold.

I started doing p.e august last year when it was relatively warm and as a result I remained in an enlarged state for a while after my exercises.

Now though it’s a nightmare. I do my stretches then jelqs and pretty much the instant I finish my last stroke, it’s back in it’s turtle like state. It just shrivels instantly due to the cold even when I jump straight in the shower to revive it it’s to no avail.

I’m wondering if this is affecting my progress or not, is it necessary to remain ‘enlarged’ after a bout of p.e or does it not matter?

Oh well only about 5 months till it warms up, roll on the summer.

Yup. In the winter, my house stays fairly cold and I don’t like to take my clothes off. I just came back from Maui a week ago and noticed when I was there that I tugged on my dick quite a bit more.

As far as hindering results, I think it does if you don’t keep it from turtling. It’s a pain in the ass to do in the winter.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Weather is part of the reason I haven’t done much PE all week. My kids were home here Monday for Martin Luther King Day, then home Tuesday because the schools were closed due to snow. Meanwhile, the oldest kid got sick which kept him home Wednesday, and by the time he started getting better his little brother got the bug. Now he’s in there watching Disney with a fever and a cough like a seal. Poor guy. I’d like to do some hanging but, ya know, PE can wait.

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