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Wearing pant while doing PE

Wearing pant while doing PE

Does wearing panties have any negative effect on penis enlargement AND AFTER THE EXERCISE?

Panties as in women’s panties, or like dudes briefs?

You mean tighty whities? :D

Maybe, maybe not?

Some guys believe in wearing boxers, or either going commando, to let it hang, believing that will promote healing longer and/or thicker, rather than restricted.

I always wore boxers, since I was about 13. Excluding times I when I might have worn bikini’s that some woman might have found sexy, or when wearing compression shorts while working out, so I just do what I have always done, with no real regard to PE.

Seriously I try to go with light fitting boxer briefs or boxers….or nothing if I can. Try for least amount of restriction as you can. Let-r-hang (kind of like “GIT-R-DONE”)

I just had the thought that wearing woman’s panties might be good for PE. They are silky smooth and could help you to continue thinking about who’s panties they are, which might keep you slightly aroused as well. I might have to try it, probably a “no” on thongs though ;) OK, I wore them once when I was in college, but I didn’t inhale!


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