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Wearing a jockstrap all day

Wearing a jockstrap all day

I recently experimented with wearing a jockstrap all day instead of underwear. I am not sure what prompted the experiment, but I found some internet sites which claim your testosterone levels can be increased by wearing a jock instead of regular underwear. The theory is that it keeps the testicles in better position, and it allows them to breath and keep cooler, allowing them to function better.

It does seem like there is something to it, after a few days of wearing it, it does seem like my sex organs seem to have better circulation and feel like they have more weight and size. Could be all mental, but that is part of it also. I somehow feel more manly wearing a jock. What do you think? Do you think its helpful, or potentially harmful?

Before this I never really understood the purpose of a jock, but if it provides support for athletic activities, couldn’t it also provide support all day?

Sure, it could provide support all day.

Some wear a jockstrap instead of underwear. Why not? It is, as you note, good support. It works at least as well as other forms of underwear for underwear purposes.

I’m not sure on what basis anyone could claim that it would boost your testosterone, though. If you wanted to let your testes breathe and stay cooler, you’d probably want to “freeball’ - go commando. Any of the more confining forms of underwear - briefs, boxer briefs, thongs, jocks - tend to hold the testes closer to the body, which keeps them warmer than if they were allowed to hang free, as they would with less confining forms of underwear like just plain boxers, or with wearing no underwear at all.

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The theory is that the jock keeps your balls away from contacting the body. It would warm up if it presses against the thigh if you go without underwear. It does feel cooler wearing a jock.

Can you explain jock strap to me please? Because I have a groin guard that I could use. Is that the same?

Upload a pic of one maybe?

I think the psychology of it is a huge part of things. I grew up just before the compression shorts thing got big. I still wear a jock for sports, and if I don’t wear a jock under swim trunks, I feel really, really “exposed.” That being the case, I pretty much see a jockstrap as the most masculine if underwear.. I mean the only thing it covers is your man-eqpt! My wife disagrees with me, and thinks they’re rather odd-looking, but I convinced her to let me wear a jock for sleeping without acting as if I was abnormally whatever. (I usually wear athletic shorts around the house at night anyway.) But whether you just feel sexier or have a testosterone boost, who cares what the source is?! I’m not sure why, but I get it.. Having a plain cotton, comfortable jockstrap holding things together just makes me feel good.

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