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Weak glutes and tight pelvic floor connection

Weak glutes and tight pelvic floor connection

I hope this is the right section and apologize in advance if it is not. The reason I’m posting today is I haven’t seen much info posted about this and how greatly important it might be for people suffering from PE, Erectile dysfunction, or other pelvic floor disorders. What brought this to my attention is my urologist who I told about my constant need to use the restroom. I had no enlarged prostate or any symptoms. He believes my pelvic floor issues are related to a sedentary lifestyle and how kegels on an already tight pelvic floor is making it worse. He explained how the glutes are linked to the pelvic floor and how it stretches the pelvic floor and strengthen them into there proper place, preventing it from getting constantly tight. Almost becoming in a reverse kegel like state, preventing it from getting too tight. If you google weak glutes and pelvic floor you will see a good bit of information covering this, though mostly from women. But I’ve also found on bodybuilding websites on how people started squating, and deadlifiting would state how they regained control over PE and much greater erection quality. Alot of these people also tend to already have an active life but didn’t seem to get these changes till they started strength training areas that hit the glutes hard. Anybody have similar experience or research themselves?


I’ve been researching tight pelvic floor for a while now. For years all I did was kegals and my erections were horrible. A month ago I finally found out about reverse kegals and realized that when I masturbate I’m holding a kegal the whole time and I’d barely get hard. Now I try to relax them as much as possible while I masturbate and my erections are like night and day… Been doing deep Squats too which I believe is helping.

I definitely think tight pelvic floor can cause premature ejaculation and poor erections..

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Yes, same happened to me. I was unconciously holdigna kegel whenever I used my tool. Probably also during the day.
The do your kegels mantra leads to a unbalanced pelic floor with some people. Espacially the do it everywhere thing is harmfull in my opinion.
Focused pelvic floor training that incorporates all muscles down there is important.

I think holding a very light reverse kegel during sex or masturbation is a good thing.

I occasionaly baloon my dick now with a bc kegel rev kegel combination.
Holding a reverse kegel and then push new blood in with ashort contraction of the bc kegel while instantly switching to the reverse kegel again.
It baloons up.

Before PE I did kegels for about 12 years and could last about twenty minutes or so without trying. Then suddenly I could only last 3-4 minutes. I found reverse kegels and it slowly came back up. Too many kegels without reverse kegels probably over tightened my PC muscles.

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