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Weak Erections

Weak Erections

Hi all, thanks for all the great info on this site.

I started PE 3 weeks ago now, and still going strong. I have been doing the Newbie routine but I’m concerned that it may have adverse effects on erection strength. It started off well, and my orgasms were a lot more intense than usual, but during the last couple of days they haven’t been as strong as usual.

I can see that this may in fact be a result of over-masturbating earlier on in the week so that I don’t have any stocks left, or I might just be having an off week. I have also changed my diet/exercise routine this week, so my body must be getting confused. Ultimately, however, I would like to know if there are any risks from jelqing or stretching that may hinder erections? Or could this happen if you do it too hard, or whilst the penis is too erect for example.

Weak erection is a sign that you may be over doing it, tone down your routine and see if it improves, and start doing kegels if you haven’t already included them, they’re great. Also, try not to masterbate so much, that may help.

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You should definitely do some more PE research in the forum or use the search bar. Makes things so much easier.

Maverick and Numbers have given good advice. From my experience as a newbie,I thought my dick could take all I gave it. But, after a gain of 1/2” ,I lost my hardness and morning wood. My clue ,doing too much too soon. Your root is a delicate tool till it gets used to exercise. Just take it easy. You’ll be fine!

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